The Soul Collective

The Soul Collective is a Patreon community for the spiritual babes who have a desire to step out of their shadow and shine from the inside out. It’s a sacred space to heal from within, tune into our intuitive power, and manifest our dreams, one step at a time!

The Soul Collective will provide you with everything you need to journey through personal growth, healing, mindfulness, spirituality, relationships, and manifestation through the means of cosmic guidance, such as moon phases and astro seasons, seasonal changes,and intuitive wisdom so that you will feel supported and empowered to make the changes that are needed in your life.

Together, as a community, we will be ditching self-doubt and the limiting beliefs that take us there, and replacing it with self-worth and love so that we can take back control of our lives and manifets our wildest dreams.

We will learn how to heal from the trauma of our past, to stay present in our current state, and create the future we’ve always dreamed of.

We will come to trust our intuition as we work to develop and align with our Higher Self, and we will learn to connect with Universal and cosmic forces as they guide us to our soul purpose.

We ALL have a desire for growth and we ALL strive for a better, happier life…

but when it shows up for us we resist it.

Do you ever wish you could…

  • put more time and effort into your self-care practice?

  • be more compassionate and loving towards yourself and others?

  • let your authentic side shine through instead of trying to live up to others expectations?

  • release limiting beliefs from you life and live carefree?

  • create healthy boundaries so that you can focus on your own goals and desires?

  • create a stronger connection to your inner guidance system?

  • raise your vibration and create your own reality?

  • find your soul purpose in life instead of settling for a life that doesn’t feel like yours?

If your answer is yes…

then join our soul tribe!

Transform Your Life

By opening our hearts up to change, we allow ourselves to grow and transform.

For years, I lived in a place of lack and stagnation, not knowing where I was heading or what I was doing with my life. The more I carried on living this way, the less satisfaction and enjoyment I felt in my life. It was an endless cycle of restrictions, fear, uncertainty, and imbalance.

Living this way wasn’t doing any wonders for my mental health and I decided that enough was enough. It was time to make some changes. To put myself first by focusing on my wellbeing, goals, and the things that I love in life. To nourish my soul and free it from the chains that were binding it. Since then I’ve been on an endless mission to manifest a better life for myself. A life that I love and thrive in.

I won’t pretend that your journey of self-discovery and awakening will be without it’s challenges, but within the Soul Collective, as a community, we will be here to supply you with the love and support you need to rise above the challenges and shine through.

The Soul Collective

Why Should I Join The Soul Collective?

If you’re ready for change in your life, the Soul Collective will help you along every step of the way.

We are all embarking on our own personal journey of transformation and we all understand how difficult it can be, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. At the Soul Collective, our mission is to provide a safe and sacred space for this transformation to take place. For us to be able to share our stories, speak our truths, and heal from trauma without judgement.

Through one-on-one conversations, self-love notes, cosmic meetings, spiritual tools, tarot readings and collective guidance, you will be given as much resources as you need to manifest the life that you desire.

You will be supported every step of the way, whichever way you need that support.


What You’ll Receive

Self Love Note

Monthly Self Love Theme

A self-love note and theme to work on throughout each month.

Moon Meeting

Weekly Moon Meetings

Tarot guidance, rituals, self-care guides and meetings for each moon phase.

Gemini Season

Monthly Astro Guidance

Tarot guidance, rituals, self-care guides and themes for each astrological season.

Tarot Planner

Subscription To Our Monthly Tarot Planner

Our Sacred Tarot Planner sent straight to your inbox at the start of each month.

Tarot Readings

Monthly Tarot Readings

Instant access to free tarot readings every month, from 1 to unlimited (depending on your chosen tier.

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Discount To Our Etsy Store

Get a lifelong discount in our Etsy store, from 10% to 30% off depending on tier level.

Members Only Content

Access Patron-only content such as inspirations, musings + challenges.

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Email + Chat Support

Private chat support whenever you have a question or need guidance.

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Access To New Products

Free access to new digital releases *tier 3 and above

Our Membership Tiers

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The Soul Collective