Take Action During A Waxing Moon

As I’ve already mentioned in my Moon Phases & What They Mean post, each phase of the lunar cycle means different things and also brings with each phase it’s own special energy. We are currently in the Waxing phase of the lunar cycle as I’m typing this, so what exactly does that mean for us?

The Waxing Moon occurs between a New Moon and a Full Moon where the moon appears to grow larger each night. There are three stages during a Waxing Moon; Waxing Crescent, First Quarter and Waxing Gibbous.


The Waxing Crescent Moon is the first stage of the Waxing phase and appears when the moon moves east away from the Sun. At this stage only a small part of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun.


The First Quarter Moon soon follows, appearing when the moon is in the middle of the waxing phase and a quarter of the way through its lunar cycle. At this time, half of the moon is illuminated and almost looks as if it's been cut in half.


The Waxing Gibbous Moon is the last stage of the Waxing Moon phase and is also the last phase before the Full Moon. This is when the moon is three quarters of the way illuminated by the Sun.



What Does A Waxing Moon Mean For You?

The Waxing Moon is all about growth and transformation, and is often referred to as a sprouting period. As the moon grows each night of the Waxing Moon phase, it invites us to grow with it. Now is the perfect time to build foundations and to work towards bringing good and necessary things into our lives. Growth, learning and healing are keywords of the Waxing Moon, along with creativity and manifestation.


What You Must Do During A Waxing Moon.

During this phase, you must start working towards your goals. Gather up your ideas, do your research and start planning out your strategies. Be creative with your ideas, but also be realistic, don’t get sucked into your own mind and make things impossible for yourself.

Now is also the perfect time to practice patience and to conjure up various energies that you may need to succeed. Always stay positive during the Waxing Moon as positivity is the key to accomplishing your goals right now.


Spells To Perform During A Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is the perfect time to perform spells that will bring good things into your life, as it’s the time of turning darkness into light. Now is the time to attract, grow and feel inspired, so you must incorporate this into your craft. Spells that would be prefect during the Waxing Moon include:

  • Attraction and love

  • Protection and healing

  • Luck and growth

  • Patience and positivity

  • Creativity and inspiration


For more information on the different phases of the lunar cycle, take a look at my post Moon Phases & What They Mean.

My favourite resource for moon phases and how you can use them to your advantage is Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist. It's such a useful and insightful book and is very easy to follow, I highly recommend it. Get it here!

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Let me know your practices for a Waxing Moon in the comments below, or contact me here.