New Moon & Solar Eclipse In Aquarius


January was a crazy month in terms of moon phases - we had a full moon to start off the new year and we had a super eclipse moon to end the month - to say that 2018 has started out as a whirlwind would be an understatement. We also have an intense March on the horizon, again with two energy-packed full moons (wtf is going on?!). So what about February, you ask? Interestingly enough, there is no full moon in February - Mother Nature is giving us a much-needed rest this month before the intensity picks up again. This, however, means that we must make the most of the upcoming new moon phase on February 15th.

February 15th's new moon is going to be in the sign Aquarius and is an important one because it will be happening during a partial solar eclipse. This means that we are being given a completely clean-slate! Since the beginning of the New Year, we have been asked to release and let go - a lot - but this month, that should take a backseat. Now is the time to look forward, not back - set your intentions and goals and plant your seeds for the future. This is your chance to welcome in a fresh start.


What Does A New Moon In Aquarius Mean?

This weeks new moon (Thursday, February 15th 2018) falls under the air sign of Aquarius and will mark a positive turning point in our lives. Aquarius is a loving and gentle sign and is all about communication, your relationships with others and looking at the bigger picture. Aquarius is often considered to be an innovative sign and that will be the theme during this new moon. The energy that we will experience over this period is sure as hell going to shake things up! Now is the time to start thinking about the future - clarify your future vision and set yourself goals to get there. It's also the perfect time to improve your relationships with your loved ones, especially as it comes a day after Valentine's Day - this moon knows what it's doing! As well as setting intentions for your future, set intentions for your relationships too!

This new moon is a moon of hope, clarity and rejuvenation. This is the resting period before another crazy month of moon phases so be sure to follow it's wishes and rest. Now is also a time for reflection - meditate, do some shadow-work, write in your journal - go inward and reflect your deepest desires. The Aquarius moon will give out so much positive energy - love, abundance and innovation- so lap it up and use it to your advantage.


Questions To Think About During This New Moon?

  • Where do you see yourself in the future?
  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • What kind of person do you aspire to be?
  • How can you make your future vision possible?


Cleanse Yourself With A New Moon Ritual Bath

A new moon ritual bath is the perfect way to prepare yourself for any new moon ritual, whether you're setting intentions or going all out. A ritual bath will help you to relax and clear your mind, opening you up to your manifestations. Not only that, it will also let allow you to cleanse yourself of what is no longer useful to you - what you don't want to take into the new lunar cycle.

What you need:

  • Bath salts - Himalayan or Epsom are best
  • Rose Quartz crystal
  • Candles
  • Essential oil - Lavender is my favourite

1. Run the bath water to your ideal temperature and add bath salts - I would recommend 2 cups

2. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil and place a Rose Quartz crystal into the water

3. Dim the lights, place candles around the tub and light them

4. Get into the tub and relax. My favourite thing to do during a ritual bath is to meditate and then focus my mind on my intentions for the new moon cycle.

5. When it's time to drain the water, imagine all the things you wish to release before the new cycle washing away with the water.


Setting Your Intentions

1. Clear you mind and really think about your intentions for the new moon cycle. Where do you want to be in a month's time? What would you like to achieve before the next new moon phase? What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions?

2. Burn sage to banish any negative energy - only positive energy allowed! - light some candles and set up your sacred new moon space.

3. Write down your intentions, goals and desires on a piece of paper - or journal.

4. Read through your list and then repeat it out loud.

5. Give thanks to the Moon and the Universe.

6. Keep the piece of paper and read through it during the lunar cycle.


Tarot Spreads & Questions For The New Moon

When performing tarot readings during the new moon, the questions you ask are vital. The new moon in Aquarius is all about you so any readings that you perform should be based on yourself and your intentions. Now is the time to concentrate on your own needs and desires and to learn what must be learned in order to move forward with your life. Below are a few examples of question that should be asked during this time.

Your Intentions / What's Holding You Back / How To Break Free / How To Manifest Your Intentions

Where You Are Right Now / Where You Want To Be / What's Blocking You / What's Hidden To You / How To Strengthen Your Energy / Actions To Take


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Do you have a favourite New Moon ritual or practice? Feel free to comment below and share your favourite traditions