Full Moon In Libra (March 2018)

Full Moon In Libra

Did you ever get over January’s double full moon extravaganza? I hope so, because March is about to serve us up the same dish. We’re about to hit the second full moon of the month, and the second blue moon of the year - were only 3 (almost 4) months in! - what’s going on?! March 31st full blue moon is going to be intense and all kinds of crazy! 

Have you ever heard the saying 'once in a blue moon'? The blue moon is a rare phenomena which only happens every 2 and a half years - unless it’s 2018, apparently - and is the term used for the second full moon in a single calendar month. Although it's called a blue moon, the moon won't actually appear blue in colour.

At the beginning of the month we had the full moon activating earth sign Virgo, but this time, it’s going to be passing through airy Libra ready to shower some harmony down on us!

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What Does A Full Moon In Libra Mean?

This week's Full Moon (Saturday, March 31st 2018) falls under the air sign of Libra and is sure to be an incredibly satisfying one! Libra is an extremely sincere and fair sign and is all about having balance in all aspects of your life. Libra is often considered to be a harmonious sign and with the motto 'I balance...', you can expect equilibrium to be a major theme during this moon phase. It's the seventh house in astrology, operating under partnerships, therefore, this is the perfect time to work on your relationships with others and create harmony where it’s needed.

This Full Moon is all about focusing on your relationship with others. Be social at this time. Reach out to your loved ones and let them know how appreciative you are of their love and support. Sprinkle some harmony and gratitude in their direction. Now is also the perfect time to fix imbalance in your relationships. Have you argued with someone recently? Reach out to them, communicate your issues and try to find balance. Libra is also a sign of compromise and fairness, so remember to be fair in your judgement of this person and, if necessary, come to a compromise.  This Full Moon will provide with all the energy and ammunition needed to carry this through.


Cleansing Objects During The Full Moon

Certain objects cling on to energy like a drowning man clings to a life raft. This is especially bad when the object is exposed to a lot of negative energy. It's important to cleanse objects of these energies and recharge them. A Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to cleanse and charge your objects of any leftover energy, especially ritualistic objects such as crystals and tarot cards. A Full Moon cleansing is very simple and doesn't require a lot of time and effort. Simply place your objects on a windowsill that is in full view of the Full Moon and leave them there overnight.

Tip: crystals can also be placed outside overnight during a full moon but I wouldn't recommend doing this with tarot cards as they could be affected by weather conditions.


Ritual For Cleansing Bad Emotions And Past Memories

A Full Moon is also the perfect time to cleanse your mind and release all of your pent up emotions and memories from your life in order to move forward. The energy of the Full Moon will allow you to let go of the unnecessary baggage in your life that is holding your back, which will give you the clarity to take that first step into your future. Here is a simple Full Moon Cleansing Ritual to help you let go of the past.

  1. First, you must think about the things that are holding you back and decide what you want or need to let go of.
  2. Find a space that basks in the moonlight and sit in a comfortable position. Outside is often best but if this isn't an option, find an indoor space with a big window that faces the Full Moon.
  3. Now it's time to relax your mind through meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus completely on your breathing. By concentrating on your breathing technique, you're not giving yourself much time to think about anything else, therefore, clearing your mind.
  4. Now that you've cleared your mind of all thoughts, you must now concentrate on the Full Moon and tune into the energy that it is projecting onto you.
  5. Bring the thing you want to let go of into your mind. Think about why you want to release it and concentrate on that reason. Now take a deep breath, and whilst doing this, imagine that obstacle leaving your body.
  6. Exhale and imagine yourself expelling the obstacle out with your breath and drifting away from you.

Tarot Spreads & Questions For The Full Moon

When performing tarot readings during the Full Moon, the questions you ask are vital. The Full Moon in Libra is all about you so any readings that you perform should be based on yourself and your goals. Now is the time to concentrate on your own needs and desires and to learn what must be learned in order to move forward with your life. Below are a few examples of question that should be asked during this time. For more examples, take a look at my brand new post Full Moon Tarot Spreads.

What Is Hidden / What Should Be Released / What Change Will Come

Self Perception / Qualities / Your Contribution To Others / Fulfilments / Your Potential

Where Are You Right Now / What Needs To Be Seen / What Needs To Be Released /  Energy To Call On / Goals You Should Set / Potential

Moon Journal

My favourite resource when it comes to the moon phases is The Moon Journal by Sandy Sitron. This book has been - and still is - an amazing guide during my journey through the lunar cycle. It has  given me so much insight into the moon phases and the astrological signs that enter them and has also taught me about the importance of self reflection during those super-charged times. This book literally goes everywhere with me!

The Moon Journal is all about tuning into the moon phases on a higher level and allowing your intuition to take over. With everything from the moon phases, astrological signs, rituals and routines, this journal is the perfect foundation for manifesting your dreams and desires. I thought I knew everything that needed to be known about the moon phases until I purchased this journal. There are some amazing advice and practices to be found inside! Take a look here to start your journey through the moon phases!

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Do you have a favourite Full Moon ritual or practice? Feel free to comment below and share your favourite traditions