Full Moon in Aries (October 2017)

What Does A Full Moon In Aries Mean?


Tomorrow's Full Moon (Thursday, October 5th, 2017) falls under the fire sign of Aries and is sure to be an intensely energising one! Aries is the fieriest of all the fire signs and often operates with a sense of reckless abandon. Aries is often considered a selfish sign, it's motto is 'I am..' and it is the first house in astrology, operating under The Self. Therefore, this Full Moon is all about you; what you desire and the actions you must take to get what you want.

This Full Moon is all about reclaiming your life by stepping up to the plate and taking necessary actions in your life. To do this, you must be independent and strong willed! Don't take things lying down, fight for your goals. This Full Moon will provide you with all of the energy that you need in order to smash down the obstacles in your way with ease and success.

The Full Moon in Aries reminds you that your inner strength is all that you need to achieve your goals. It asks that you now find the strength hidden within yourself to go forth into this action filled time. Always trust and believe in yourself and your abilities to make it through anything. Know who you are! Aries reminds you that sometimes you must throw caution to the wind and be impulsive in order to get what you want.


Cleansing Objects During The Full Moon


Certain objects cling on to energy like a drowning man clings to a life raft.This is especially bad when the object is exposed to a lot of negative energy. It is important to cleanse objects of these energies and recharge them. A Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to cleanse and charge your objects of any leftover energy, especially ritualistic objects such as crystals and tarot cards. A Full Moon cleansing is very simple and doesn't require a lot of time and effort. Simply place your objects on a windowsill that is in full view of the Full Moon and leave them there overnight. Tip: crystals can also be placed outside overnight during a full moon but I wouldn't recommend doing this with tarot cards as they could be affected by weather conditions.



Ritual For Cleansing Bad Emotions And Past Memories


A Full Moon is also the perfect time to cleanse your mind and release all of your pent up emotions and memories from your life in order to move forward. The energy of the Full Moon will allow you to let go of the unnecessary baggage in your life that is holding your back, which will give you the clarity to take that first step into your future. Here is a simple Full Moon Cleansing Ritual to help you let go of the past.


  1. First, you must think about the things that are holding you back and decide what you want or need to let go of.
  2. Find a space that basks in the moonlight and sit in a comfortable position. Outside is often best but if this isn't an option, find an indoor space with a big window that faces the Full Moon.
  3. Now it's time to relax your mind through meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus completely on your breathing. By concentrating on your breathing technique, you're not giving yourself much time to think about anything else, therefore, clearing your mind.
  4. Now that you've cleared your mind of all thoughts, you must now concentrate on the Full Moon and tune into the energy that it is projecting onto you.
  5. Bring the thing you want to let go of into your mind. Think about why you want to release it and concentrate on that reason. Now take a deep breath, and whilst doing this, imagine that obstacle leaving your body.
  6. Exhale and imagine yourself expelling the obstacle out with your breath and drifting away from you.

Tarot Spreads & Questions For The Full Moon 


When performing tarot readings during the Full Moon, the questions you ask are vital. The Full Moon in Aries is all about you so any readings that you perform should be based on yourself and your goals. Now is the time to concentrate on your own needs and desires and to learn what must be learned in order to move forward with your life. Below are a few examples of question that should be asked during this time.


What Is Hidden / What Should Be Released / What Change Will Come

Self Perception / Qualities / Your Contribution To Others / Fulfilments / Your Potential

Where Are You Right Now / What Needs To Be Seen / What Needs To Be Released /  Energy To Call On / Goals You Should Set / Potential


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