Three of Wands


Three of Wands - Upright



  • Preparation, planning, manifestation, success, vision, effort





The Three of Wands is a card of preparation and suggests that all of your ideas have now been clearly planned out and now those plans are ready to be put into action. You have considered all of your options and have settled on the best possible solution to help you to achieve your ultimate goals. You have so many ideas in your head and these ideas will open you up to unlimited opportunities to expand on your project. All of this together makes you excited for what the future might hold for you. Everything is coming together perfectly so far and the Three of Wands encourages you to carry on with what your doing in order to reach your goals and find success.

The Three of Wands also indicates that new opportunities will soon arise in your life. These opportunities will allow you to grow in both your personal life and your work life. When these opportunities present them to you, you must grasp them with both hands in order to allow yourself to progress. You have a lot of options right now, but you need to be more aware of them in order to take full advantage of them. The Three of Wands asks that you open your mind and stay focused in order to see these opportunities for what they really are. You must think big and big things will come to you!

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Three of Wands - Reversed



  • Lack of planning, unrealistic expectations, disappointment, delays, lack of vision





The Three of Wands in reversed form suggests that you have recently found yourself on a spiritual journey in order to develop and transform yourself but, unfortunately, things have not worked out quite the way you wanted them to. You now find yourself feeling frustrated and downtrodden as you were unable to accomplish what you initially set out to do.  The reversed Three of Wands reminds you that everything we experience in life is a lesson that will soon contribute to our personal development. If you can think of this failure as a lesson then you are already one step closer to achievement.

This card can also indicate that although you have successfully turned your ideas into plans, you are now struggling to put those plans into action. This has made you anxious and overwhelmed and you are now doubting your ability to get the job done. You now feel unprepared and as if the goals that you have set yourself are impossible to carry through. The reversed Three of Swords asks you to re-evaluate your plans and manage them so that they become less overwhelming and possible to do. You are capable of this, you just need to believe in your abilities.


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