Six of Wands


Six of Wands - Upright



  • Success, victory, confidence, deserved recognition, progress, positivity





The Six of Wands is a card of success and suggests that you have finally achieved your goals and all of the effort and the hard work that you have put in to reach this success. This acknowledgement has increased your self-confidence and has given you a sense of positivity about what you have done. You now feel ready to take on anything because you know you have the ability to make things work for you. The Six of Wands urges you to take the bull by the horns and go on to bigger heights and reach further success. Remember that you have overcome many challenges on this journey and know that you have the ability to overcome many more. You're flying high right now and nothing is going to stand in the way of you and your ultimate goal.

The Six of Wands is a card of positivity and serves as a reminder of how far you have already come on this journey for success and asks you to look at all the accomplishments that you have already achieved. This card encourages you to go forth and take what you want. As long as you stay true to yourself and your beliefs and have faith in your ability then you can do anything you put your mind to. Nothing is impossible, so don't let anything get in the way of your dreams.


Six of Wands - Reversed



  • Self-doubt, enemies, trouble, lack of reward, indecision, lack of confidence, disrepute





The Six of Wands in reversed form suggests that you've recently experienced many set backs on your journey to success and are now doubting your abilities to reach your end goal. Self-doubt is a terrible thing and can knock even the strongest of men down. This type of negativity can make you question everything and it can cause you to fail with a click of its fingers. Don't allow self-doubt to get in the way of your dreams. The reversed Six of Wands asks you to restore faith in yourself and believe in your abilities to make it! You are capable of anything, always remember that.

The Six of Wands in a reversed position could also suggest that you have taken on too much and are currently trying to juggle your commitments by trying to do too many things at once. Although you feel it's the easiest and quickest way to achieve all of your goals, it will only set you back. The reversed Six of Wands asks that you prioritise your commitments and then focus your attention on only a few things at once in order to do a good job of them.m and ensure that you won't have to go back and redo them.


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