Seven of Wands


Seven of Wands - Upright



  • Struggle, competition, tenacity, standing up for yourself, challenge





The Seven of Wands is a card of struggle and suggests that you have recently found success but are now struggling to maintain it. There may be an issue of competition now where there are others who are competing to knock you off your place at the top. This has caused you to feel anxious and has made you doubt your abilities to maintain the success that you have already achieved. The Seven of Swords encourages you to fight for your place and reminds you that you have worked hard to get to where you are now and that you deserve your position, don't let others take that from you. If you look at this competition in a positive way rather than a negative way, you will have the encouragement to win!

The Seven of Wands urges you to hold your ground in the face of adversity, especially when your position is being challenged. You deserve to be where you are after the struggles and the hard work that you have put into your work. If you really want to stay at the top the you must do everything in your power to defend yourself and your success. This card asks you to draw on all the strength and determination that you can muster in order to fight this battle successfully.

This card reminds you that you can't please everyone; there is always going to be someone who is jealous or doesn't agree with your methods or thinks that they can do better. It's just a way of life! If you go through life trying to win everyone over, you will never be truly successful. The Seven of Wands suggests that instead of wasting your energy on trying to please everyone, put all of your energy into those who do actually believe in you and those who want and need your help.


Seven of Wands - Reversed



  • Fear of failure, insecurity, risk-taking, decision making, overwhelmed





The Seven of Wands in reversed form suggests that you have taken a lot on recently and are now feeling burdened by all of the responsibilities in your life. These responsibilities are bringing too many challenges your way and you know feel buried up to your neck in work. There is so much to do that you are finding it hard to focus your attention on the overwhelming list of tasks that you have to do. The reversed Seven of Wands asks that you take a step back to re-evaluate your commitments, and then prioritise them accordingly. When you organise your responsibilities and ideas they become more manageable. You must also make sure that you leave plenty of time to rest, find the balance between work and play, otherwise you put yourself at risk of breaking.

The Seven of Wands in a reversed position could also suggest that you're work or home life have recently come under scrutiny. You feel as if others are judging you on your decisions and actions. This is difficult for you as you have enough challenges to overcome right now that you haven't really got time to add more to the list. The Seven of Wanda reversed tells you to ignore the criticism right now and concentrate on your responsibilities, they will soon give up and find something new to criticise.


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