Three of Swords


Three of Swords - Upright



  • Pain, heartbreak, sorrow, loss, betrayal, rejection, separation





The Three of Swords is a card of sorrow and suggests that you will soon experience some unexpected turmoil in your life that will leave you feeling disappointed and heartbroken. This turmoil could appear in many forms, look to the other cards in the reading for a better idea of what aspect of your life this event will happen. You may not be able to resist or stop this event in its tracks but, if you're prepared for it, you may be able to soften the blow and the effect it will have on your life in the aftermath.

The Three of Swords reminds you that although life would be easier without these events happening, they are necessary in order for us to learn and transform. Always look at a painful experience as a learning curve rather than a negative thing, we can't grow without it. The Three of Swords reminds you that although your vision may be clouded by the negative things that are going on right now, soon those clouds will disappear and you will see why this had to happen. This experience will eventually teach you to let go in order to move on. The Three of Swords urges you to do this when the time is right.


Three of Swords - Reversed  



  • Stress, emotional period, anxiety, distraction, release, forgiveness 





The Three of Swords in a reversed position suggests that you have recently gone through a difficult time where you have experienced challenge upon challenge and major irreversible changes. Although this difficult time is over now, you are understandably hurt by it and are finding it hard to let go of the past. The reversed Three of Swords urges you to now take some to yourself and allow yourself to recover from the hardships you have just faced. Always remember that everything happens for a reason and you will soon find out exactly why you had to experience what you did. This card in this position asks you to accept what has already happened and move on with your life. Don't dwell on the past, instead, learn from it and allow yourself to grow from it.


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