Seven of Swords


Seven of Cups - Upright



  • Scheming, deception, betrayal, getting away with murder, failed plans





The Seven of Swords is a card of deception and suggests that you may be trying to get away with something without those around you noticing. You don't want to be found out but this is proving to be a very difficult task. You're aware that when you try do something undetected you are more likely to get caught out, leaving you feeling disappointed and embarrassed. The Seven of Swords warns that you must be careful if you are going to carry out this task behind others backs and reminds you that you must accept the consequences of your actions if things go wrong and you are found out. If the worst does happen, you must come clean. Don't make the situation worse by lying!

The Seven of Swords could also indicate that you have recently found yourself in an unpleasant situation and are trying to work your way out of it without others noticing. You may think that sneaking away would be the best thing for you, instead of facing the issue head on and dealing with it straight away. The Seven of Swords reminds you that most of the time, it's easier and more beneficial on your part to just be honest and deal with the situation head on. You will feel better for it and it will save your time and energy in the long run.


Seven of Swords - Reversed



  • Confidence, false promises, manipulation, freedom, challenges 





The Seven of Swords in reversed form suggests that you are ready toembark on a new journey but are unsure of how to take the first step and what direction it may lead you in. Up until this point, you have experienced nothing but set backs and disappointments and are now wary of starting up something new in the possibility that it will fail like the others. The reversed Seven of Swords reminds you that nothing is certain and sometimes you need to experience failure to truly make it. This card urges you forward into this journey and asks that you be patient and stay focused to the end.

The Seven of Swords reversed could also suggests that you can be very set in your ways sometimes and find it hard to accept when things don't go your way. This card card urges you to change your way of thinking as you are blocking yourself from opportunities that could really benefit you. To really experience life, you must shake it up a little bit. Do things differently and enjoy it! Only then are you truly living.


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