Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords - Upright  



  • Freedom, logic, loyalty, quick thinking, independence, organisation





The Queen of Swords is a card of independence and warns that you must be more independent in your thoughts, your actions and your judgements. You must be unbiased and intelligent in your judgement in order to make the right decision over a certain situation. You must gather up as much information as absolutely possible, but you must ensure that this information is fact and not opinion, as that could push back your final result. The Queen of Swords also urges you to detach yourself of all emotions during this time as they could distract and deter you from the task at hand. You must not let emotions get in your way right now as it could set you back majorly and cause you to make the wrong decision.

The Queen of Swords is a no-nonsense card of honesty and confidence and suggests that you are not the kind to beat around the bush, and would much rather tell it as it is. You don't shy away from difficult topics and you most certainly don't shy away from confrontation. You're straight to the point and because of this, you have earned a lot of respect from those around you. The Queen of Swords urges you to carry on with your upfront honesty and encourages that it is the right attitude to take at this time in order to get the answers that you seek!


Queen of Swords - Reversed  



  • Cold hearted, distant, stubbornness, overly emotional





The Queen of Swords in a reversed position could suggests that you are currently letting your emotions get the better of you during a particular situation and are now at risk of being walked over by others. You're a compassionate character who tends to think with your heart rather than your head, but the reversed Queen of Swords asks you to try it the other way round. A situation has recently come to light and you have become too emotionally invested in it, causing your perception of the situation to become distorted and difficult to make sense of. The reversed Queen of Swords asks that you gather information about the situation in order to get all the facts and to help you understand a bit more about what is really happening. This card also asks that you be more objective in your judgement and decisions and urges you to think with your head and not your heart in order to reach the right decisions.


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