Page of Swords


Page of Swords - Upright



  • Curiosity, ideas, perception, energetic, restless, practical





The Page of Swords is a card of enthusiasm and suggests that you have a few project ideas in mind and can't wait to get started on them. You are full of energy right now and can't wait to apply it to this new project and are excited for the success that it will bring. The Page of Swords encourages you to do this but warns against starting up a project if you may not be able to finish it. You must be prepared to deal with the challenges that may appear during this project with focus and patience and face any set backs with dignity and determination.

The Page of Swords wants you to follow your dreams and do what you most desire despite what others might things. This card wants you to take the bull by the horns and reach for your goals. This is the beginning of a new phase in your life and you must take this new opportunity for what it is and take full advantage of it. The Page of Swords urges you not to let any obstacles get in the way of your success and tells you do not to give up hope when things go wrong. This could be an amazing experience for you so enjoy it!


Page of Swords - Reversed 



  • Aggression, vindictive, not following through, hasty actions





The Page of Swords in reversed form can suggest that you are acting impatiently and recklessly in a certain situation. Although you may think that you're on track, you are not going about things the right way and are only using to your energy and your time by carrying on like this. The Page of Swords asks that you calm down and take things slowly. Doing everything at once may seem quicker but doing things one at a time would be a much effective use of your time.

The Page of Swords in a reversed position could also suggest that you are not following through on your promises and commitments. You are willing to start something but are less willing to actually finish it. You are almost taking an all talk but no action approach to life. The reversed Page of Swords warns against making any promises that you don't intend to keep and asks that when you do make promises, that you make it a responsibility to carry it through to the end.


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