Nine of Swords


Nine of Swords - Upright



  • Anxiety, stress, despair, depression, nightmares, stuck, oppression





The Nine of Swords is a card of fear and suggests that anxiety is building up in your mind and you are at risk of losing control of your life. These anxieties are purely psychological and are not fixed to any kind of external threat, it is simply all in your head. You have overthought the situation and have now created an alternate reality in your head of how things will play out. The Nine of Swords reminds you that out thoughts play a great part in what we manifest in reality and warns that if you carry on thinking the way you do, you'll be at risk of manifesting negativity into your life.

The Nine of Swords asks you to stop your excessive worrying and move forward with your life. The scenario that you're playing in your head might happen, but it also might not, there's no use overthinking it. If there is something that you can do to change the outcome of the situation, then do it. If there isn't, there's no point working yourself up about it.


Nine of Swords - Reversed



  • Imprisonment, torment, hopelessness, depression, extreme anxiety  





The Nine of Swords in reversed form indicates that you are unnecessarily working yourself up about a situation and are becoming stressed and anxious for no reason at all. Your anxieties about this situation has clouded you vision and you are now losing sight of what is really happening. The reversed Nine of Swords asks you to step back and really see the situation for what it is. Look at it from an objective point of viewand you will soon see that it is not as bad as you initially thought.

The Nine of Swords in a reversed position could also suggests that you are causing yourself unnecessary pain by worrying as much as you do. By letting your anxiety of a situation spiral out of control you are actually manifesting your worries into reality. The reversed Nine of Swords warns you not to let this happen. You must take your mind off of your worries, rest and relax and you will eventually realise that you're stressing out over nothing!


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