Knight of Swords


Knight of Swords - Upright  



  • Competitive, fearless, action, bravery, opinionated, hasty  





The Knight of Swords is a card of action and suggests that you are currently at the beginning of a new project and are determined to make it work. There is nothing that can get in your way at this point, you are focus on your end goal and will do anything in your power to get there. You are full of energy and inspiration and are ready to manifest your goals into reality. The Knight of Swords encourages you to carry on with your focus and hard work but warns, however, that you don't overdo it. Although this determined attitude is setting you up for the success you desire, you could be at risk off rushing things in order to get the job done. Cutting corners may seem like a good idea when you have so much to do but it will not be worth it in the long run. 


Knight of Swords - Reversed  



  • Reckless behaviour, tyranny, scattered thoughts, over working





The Knight of Swords in reversed form suggests that you have a tendency to be impatient and impulsive and warns that making rash decisions and actions could lead you to disaster at this time. You must keep your energy under control and practice patience when it comes to decision making and taking action right now. If you don't take your time you could set yourself up for failure.

The Knight of Swords in reverse also asks that you slow down with your work as you could be in danger of overdoing it and burning yourself out. You may have a lot of responsibilities at this time but if you don't give yourself time to relax, you will not be able to give 100% to them and will later fail. The Knight of Swords asks you to take some time out to relax and gather your thoughts. You may also want to priorities your responsibilities and only focus on the most important. 


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