Four of Swords


Four of Swords - Upright



  • Rest, relaxation, withdrawal, solitude, contemplation, recuperation





The Four of Swords is a card of recovery and suggests that you have recently experienced an extremely difficult time and have finally made it through to the other side. You now feel exhausted after the challenges you have just faced and need a break before continuing on with your journey. The Four of Swords encourages you to take some time to yourself for a while and give yourself a chance to recover after the draining experiences you have been through. Build up your energy and inner strength again and continue on with your plans when you feel you are up to it.

The Four of Swords reminds you that every journey you take will involve some kind of challenge, and even the smallest of challenges can drain your energy. Because of this, you must rest in order to carry on your journey successfully. You are only human after all and need your energy to keep going. If you don't give yourself time to recharge your energy, you will soon burn yourself out. The Four of Swords asks that you take the time to recuperate in order to reach your full potential.


Four of Swords - Reversed



  • Restlessness, isolation, burnt out, lack of progress, stress, avoidance





The Four of Swords in a reversed position could suggest that you are taking on too much right now and because of this your mind is working overtime causing you to become restless and stressed. You feel like you can't rest until everything is done, but your responsibilities are never ending. You are exhausted and are pushing your body to its limit. The reversed Four of Swords warns that you must stop and rest before it takes a toll on your physical and mental health. Relax and regain your energy and strength in order to carry on with your hard work.Taking a day to yourself won't harm your work, but if you don't, it could harm you.

The Four of Swords in this position could also suggest that you are currently not where you hoped you would be and are feeling frustrated by your lack of progression. You feel as if you've been stuck in the same position for a long time with no hope of movement on the horizon. You're waiting for something to come along and shake up your life. You hope for change to come and move your life along. The reversed Four of Swords reminds you that you cannot simply wait for change to come, you must go out and bring it to you. Change is always there, you just need to open your eyes to it.


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