Ace of Swords


Ace of Swords - Upright



  • New ideas, potential, power, triumph, conquest, inspiration, creation





The Ace of Swords marks the beginning of an uncertain situation that could really go either way; it could either turn into a successful situation or potentially a dangerous situation. Look to the other cards in the reading for a better idea of the situation and how it will turn out. This is a card of power, but the use of this power is uncertain. The Ace of Swords suggests that you are very strong willed right now and are determined to get what you want and will not let anything or anyone get in your way. Although this is a good attitude to take, The Ace warns you against abusing this power for your own benefit.

The Ace of Swords suggests that you are currently experiencing a break through moment due to a period of complete focus and mental clarity. You now know where you want yourself to end up in the future and understand what you must do in order to get there. You know that you have what it takes to get there and are determined to make it for yourself. The Ace of Swords encourages you to move ahead to you future and asks that you stay focused on the end goal. This card tells you to take action now, don't wait around for something to happen, go out and make it happen yourself.


Ace of Swords - Reversed



  • Sudden changes, imbalance, arguments, lack of motivation, delays





The Ace of Swords in a reversed position suggests that you are currently unsure of where your future is heading and that you lack the mental clarity that is needed in order to think ahead. You are finding it hard to picture yourself in the future and now feel a sense of anxiety about how your future will turn out. The reversed Ace of Swords urges you to focus on clearing the clouds that are covering your vision of what's ahead and asks that you really concentrate on your long term goals and ambitions. This will give you something to work at until you are completely sure of where you are heading.


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