Ten of Pentacles


Ten of Pentacles - Upright



  • Completion, achievements, success, pulling through, reaching a milestone





The Ten of Pentacles is a card of completion and suggests that, although you have experienced many challenges and setbacks throughout your journey for success, you have now come through to the other side and are very close to achieving your ultimate goal and reaching the last milestone of your journey. This achievement will result in success in all aspects of your life and you will experience from it a large sense of accomplishment and a deeper understanding of how the Universe works. The Ten of Pentacles reminds you that everything comes together in the end, whether you've had an easy journey or a rough one. As long as you have the will power and the determination to overcome anything, you will eventually get what it is that you have worked so hard for. You must now keep going until you get to the end and the Ten of Swords promises that by doing this you will receive the rewards that you desire. You deserve this success, so enjoy it when it arrives.



Ten of Pentacles - Reversed 



  • Lack of financial stability, unexpected expenses, disappointment, lack of security, financial block





The Ten of Pentacles in reversed form suggests that there is something standing in the way of your success and this something is threatening your stability and your sense of security. Look to the other cards in the reading for a better idea of what aspect of your life it is threatening and what it could be. This can comes as a disappointment to you and could also leave you feeling frustrated as you are so close to the end of your journey and have already come through so much to get to where you are right now. You now feel as if this journey was all for nothing and that you have now wasted your time and energy only to be met with failure. The reversed Ten of Pentacles reminds you that although this may seem like the end of the world, it is actually just a blip in your journey. As long as you stay positive through this ordeal, everything will finally come together for you. Everything happens for a reason and all you can do right now is learn from this experience. Positivity and patience are the key to this problem.


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