Six of Pentacles



Six of Pentacles - Upright



  • Good fortune, financial harmony and balance, charity, giving and receiving





The Six of Pentacles is a card of financial harmony and suggests that you are currently in a good financial state with your income and expenses balancing each other out perfectly. You have found the perfect balance between what you have coming in and what you have coming out and are aware that in order to keep this balance going you must keep on top of your finances. You are also aware of the blessings that this financial balance has presented to you and know that others are not as fortunate as you are right now. You're not a greedy person and are not particularly money driven and are happy to help out those who need it the most. You love to share with others and this financial opportunity gives you the chance to do just that. The Six of Pentacles asks you to be generous to those around you and to help in whichever way you can. Be wary, however, of false people who may just be taking advantage of your giving nature and lying to you about their troubles. Only give to those who you know are truly struggling or those you know that you can trust.


Six of Pentacles - Reversed 



  • Debt, being taken advantage off, fear of conflict, unreturned favour, theft, greed





The Six of Pentacles in a reversed position suggests that you are currently caught up in a situation where you have given money or done a favour for someone you though that you could trust but instead you have been taken advantage of. There is now no sign of this person returning the favour or repaying the debt and you are unsure of how to deal with this certain predicament tactfully. You want to confront this person but something is stopping you. You may be afraid of conflict or you may not want to offend this person. The reversed Six of Pentacles tells you to deal with this situation accordingly, this person has offended you by taking advantage of your kind nature and have taken from you without knowing the effect on you personally. Don't be afraid to confront them. The reversed Six of Pentacles also reminds you to be careful in future when helping others out in this way as you never know their intentions and you do t want to end up in financial trouble because you've been to generous.


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