Nine of Pentacles


Nine of Pentacles - Upright 


  • Independence, self-sufficiency, confidence, prosperity, financial gains, accomplishments






The Nine of Pentacles is a card of independence and suggests that you have reached a point where you now feel self-sufficient and confident enough to go out on your own and take what you want from the world. You have had enough of waiting on others and sitting around in the sidelines will everyone around is attaining success. You have decided that now is your time to shine and are taking your life into your own hands. You have gained strength and experience through many challenges that you have overcome throughout your life and feel that, along with confidence, these are the perfect tools to make it on your own. The Nine of Pentacles encourages you to take matters into your own hands and create the life that you desire and deserve. You can't spend your whole life relying on others, there is a time that you will need to go out and take what you want on your own accord. If you completely apply yourself to this new project, not only will you have the freedom to make your own choices but you will already be one step closer to your dreams.


Nine of Pentacles - Reversed 



  • Financial loss, challenges, set backs, bad decisions, lack of patience, cutting corners





The Nine of Pentacles in reversed form suggests that you are currently experiencing challenges and set backs that are threatening your journey to future success. This card suggests that these setbacks are not caused by external forces, but by your own foolish mistakes. You have made a lot of questionable decisions recently and, instead of being patient, you may have also cut corners in order to get to your end goal quicker. Cutting corners may be tempting as it is often a quicker and easier option and may benefit you short term, but in reality, it's is not the best option in the long term. By cutting corners, you are instantly setting yourself up for failure and, frankly, it is not worth it. The Nine of Pentacles asks you to reflect on the decisions that you have made and the actions that you have taken that may have resulted in this setback and find a way to fix it before it is too late. This card also reminds you that in future it's safer to be patient and do things properly than facing this problem again in the future.  


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