Knight of Pentacles


Knight of Pentacles - Upright



  • Taking action, precision, success, determination, ambition, loyal, reliability





The Knight of Pentacles is a card of action and suggests that, although you may not be the best at coming up with ideas or plans, you are quick at taking action, and when doing so, execute everything with precision and thorough thought. When you get something into your head, you don't sit around and wait to plan things out or for things to come together on their own, you take matters into your own hands and make things work for yourself. Because of this attitude, you find that most things you carry out are met with success because you don't give yourself time to overthink things or make silly mistakes. When you carry things out, you commit to it and always follow it through to the end making you a responsible and reliable character. The Knight of Swords reminds you that not all success comes from clear planning and that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and get the job done. Don't overthink and don't overdo, just do what needs to be done in order to gain success. He is also a reminder that if you start something, you must finish it, no matter how hard it may seem.


Knight of Pentacles - Reversed



  • Stagnation, boredom, lack of excitement, sick of routine, apathy, imprisoned





The Knight of Pentacles in reversed form suggests that you are currently bored of everyday life and what it has to offer. You feel as if you are going around in circles, stuck in the same routine of repetitive behaviour day in, day out, as if everyday is caught on some kind of loop. This has caused you to feel imprisoned and stagnant in your life and you now feel as if there is no hope for your future if you can't break out of this prison. You want freedom and versatility. You need excitement and spontaneity in your life, you want to wake up every day not knowing what to expect and you yearn for everyday to be its own little adventure! The Knight of Pentacles encourages you to go out and shake up your life, find excitement and adventure wherever you can and live your life to the fullest. Experience anything and everything that life is willing to throw at you and take every opportunity in your stride. The reversed Knight of Pentacles warns against sitting around and waiting for change to come because you'll be waiting a long time. If you want change, you must go out and get it yourself. 


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