Four of Pentacles


Four of Pentacles - Upright



  • Achievement, success, financial stability, greed, selfishness, isolation





The Four of Pentacles is a card of achievement but can often be considered a card of greed. It represents the double edged sword of success. You have recently been very lucky in your venture and have achieved your goals and success. You are financially stable at this time and are reaping the rewards of your success. However, you must be careful that this money and success that you have accomplished doesn't go to your head. You are now at risk of becoming greedy and selfish with your finances and could be in danger of losing those around you due to your obsession and overly protective attitude with what you have achieved. The Four of Pentacles reminds you that you need to stay humble and reflect on where you have come from and what you had to do to get to where you are now. It's good to proud of you accomplishments but don't take it too far. There's a fine line between pride in your work and arrogance, be wary of crossing that line.


Four of Pentacles - Reversed



  • Financial greed, selfishness, anxiety, stinginess, defensive, materialistic





The Four of Pentacles in a reversed position suggests that you have now been overcome with financial greed and selfishness due to a recent influx in finances. You are aware of what you have achieved over the years and instead of enjoying it and making the most of it, you have become anxious and fearful that you could lose it all. This has made you stingy with your money and has caused you to isolate yourself from everyone and everything around you. You have now developed a fear of poverty which, instead of making you more determined to succeed, has made you materialistic and greedy in nature, causing you to develop defensive behaviour both emotionally and financially. The reversed Four of Pentacles reminds you that money isn't everything and that you must prioritise the important things in life, your loved ones. Pushing the people around you away and losing them, is a lot more damaging to you than losing money. Break down your walls, forget about materialistic things and spent some time with the people in your life. You will feel so much better!


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