Eight of Pentacles


Eight of Pentacles - Upright


  • Apprenticeship, new skills, change, renewal, new experiences, potential beginnings






The Eight of Pentacles is a card of apprenticeship and suggests that you currently have a desire to learn something completely new and different from anything you've ever done before. This new skill that you will pick up will bring a major change into your life whether it's at home or at work, and this change is exactly what you've been hoping and waiting for. You are ready for renewal in your life and desire a fresh start. You are determined and focused on learning new things and changing your future for the better. The Eight of Pentacles urges you to go forth and experience and learn something completely different in order to find your true calling in life. Now is the perfect time to do this, so this card encourages you to do this now, while the opportunity is ready and presenting itself. You are the master of your own future success and if you feel that a new skill is necessary or beneficial to you, then by all means, go out and do it.


Eight of Pentacles - Reversed



  • Perfectionism, too much attention to detail, fear of the unknown, lack of focus





The Eight of Pentacles in reversed form suggests that you are a perfectionist and, although this can be a good attribute in some cases, in this case it is not. Your need for perfection is actually getting in your way right now and could potentially cause you to lose sense of what you are doing and trying to achieve. Your attention to detail is distracting you from the job at hand and causing you to lose focus on the bigger picture. This perfectionism comes from a fear of stepping out of your comfort zone into a world that's less than perfect. You like to be in control of situations and you like to know what around the corner. By stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your life, you will be forced into unexpected situations that will take you by complete surprise. This scares you. The reversed Eight of Pentacles tells you that this is exactly what you need. There is no such thing as perfection and although this is a bitter pill to swallow, you cannot be ignorant to it any more. Step outside and see the world for what it really is, experience everything that can be experienced and live life on the edge. It might sound like a scary though but once you're doing it you will be glad that you did.


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