Ace of Pentacles



Ace of Pentacles - Upright  



  • Financial beginnings, opportunities, fresh start, long term planning, business ventures





The Ace of Pentacles is a card of new financial beginnings and suggests that an opportunity will soon arise in your life that will benefit you not only emotionally but also financially in the short term and the long term. This opportunity will be everything that you have been waiting for and more and will give you the step up that you need to reach success. This chance that you are getting could leave you with abundance in all aspects of life and could answer all of your prayers. This is a card of wealth and could indicate that the opportunity that will arise could be to do with a job, promotion, inheritance or a new business venture that could be highly successful. Either way, The Ace of Pentacles encourages you to take the opportunity when it comes and take full advantage of the things it will provide you. This is your time to shine and you must do everything in your power to get to the top. You have the chance to create a wonderful, prosperous life for yourself, take it as it comes.


Ace of Pentacles - Reversed  



  • Failure, opportunities falling through, disappointment, negative thoughts





The Ace of Pentacles in a reversed position suggests that you have recently been provided with an amazing opportunity that you thought would lead you to where you wanted to be, but unfortunately, it didn't work out and has left you feeling disappointed and frustrated at the failure. You got your hopes up about this opportunity as you thought it was perfect for you and what you needed and the blow of the failure had hit you really hard. You are now dwelling on what could have been and negativity is building in your head. The reversed Ace of Pentacles warns that you must snap out of this mind set and move forward with your life. This opportunity may not have worked out, but the next one might. You must clear your mind of negative thoughts that could cloud your vision and keep an eye out for another opportunity at success. There are many out there you just need to be able to see them.


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