Three of Cups


Three of Cups - Upright



  • Fulfilment, celebration, harmony, helping others, relationship building





The Three of Cups is a card of harmony in your relationship with others and suggests that you are currently opening your heart and arms to those around you who really need it. You understand that everyone has their own difficulties in life, and as you are going through a pretty good period right now, you want to project your positivity onto others to help them reach their good period too. You know that by helping others out, when your times comes to experience hardships, those that you have helped now will be more inclined to help you in your time of need. The Three of Cups encourages you to carry on with spreading your positivity around and to help those around you in the process. This card also reminds you that karma sees everything that you do and will in return, reward you in the future for this generous behaviour that you are displaying at this time.


Three of Cups - Reversed



  • Excess, inability to express yourself, affair, third wheel, creative block





The Three of Cups in reversed form suggests that you are full of creative energy at this time but are unable to express it as you feel as if you are being forced to conform to the norm. This could be anything from work, friends, family, your partner or any other group or responsibilities that you may have or be involved in. These groups of responsibilities are very strict and are not open to you way of expressing yourself the way you want to. This has left you feeling restricted in your choices and stagnant in your life. The reversed Three of Cups asks you re-evaluate your decision of choosing this over your creativity and wants you to ask yourself if you are okay with bottling this energy up in favour of someone else's needs. If your answer is no, stand your ground or walk away.

In a relationship reading, the reversed Three of Cups often points towards a third person and could suggest that there is either an affair going on or a third person trying to intervene in your relationship. Look to the other cards in the reading to pinpoint what exactly is going on.


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