Ten of Cups


Ten of Cups - Upright  



  • Abundance, joy, success, happiness, dreams come true, relationships





The Ten of Cups is a card of happiness and suggests that you are currently in a good and positive place in your life and are enjoying every second of it. All of your dreams have recently come true and you are living the high life right now. This positive turn has balanced out all aspects of your life and also your relationship with others. You are at peace with the world and are content with your achievements. The Ten of Cups asks that you take a minute to reflect on your situation and what you had to do to get to this point. Appreciate the challenges that you have overcome and the set backs that have delayed your journey and know that even the most difficult journey is possible with patience and faith. You are blessed right now so enjoy every minute of it and be grateful for all of your achievements.

The Ten of Cups reminds you that in order to be truly happy, you must follow your heart and trust your intuition. They will both lead you to the opportunities that will benefit you in the best possible way. Stay focused on your end goal and don't deviate from it.  Face any obstacle with positivity and determination and you will overcome them with ease. The Ten of Cups asks that you go out and take what you want with both hands. Seek out any opportunity that comes your way and take full advantage of it. Now is your time for success!


Ten of Cups - Reversed  



  • Arguments, disagreements, loss, emotional insecurity, broken home





The Ten of Cups in reversed form suggests that there may be something threatening your happiness and your path to success. Something is blocking you from going after your dreams and achieving your goals. As the Cups are ruled by emotion, it suggests that this blockage is not caused by external forces but by internal forces inside yourself. The only person standing in the way of your happiness is you and your emotions. The reversed Ten of Cups asks that you learn to control these emotions and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Turn the table on your own mind! Our emotions are the driving force behind us but, unfortunately, they can also be the breaks in the car preventing us from carrying on with the journey. You must not allow them to do this, carry on by pushing the negative thoughts to the back of your kind and replace them with positivity. 


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