Six of Cups


Six of Cups - Upright



  • Nostalgia, happy memories, living in the past, unresolved feelings from past





The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia and suggests that you have a desire to return to your past and re-experience happy memories and emotions. This can indicate that you are currently unhappy with the way your life has turned out and the things you have had to lose or miss out on to get to where you are today. You feel as if escaping into your past is the only way to get those feelings back and have made it a priority over dealing with your present circumstances. The Six of Cups warns you that, although revisiting your past in small stages is good in order to remind you were you came from or what you gave achieved, to live in the past like you are now is a bad idea and could cause resentment and depression in your future. You must leave the past where it is and move on from it now. Accept your current situation and deal with it accordingly. Stop running away from your responsibilities.


Six of Cups - Reversed  



  • Clinging to the past, fear of the future, self-doubt, inability to move on  





The Six of Cups in reversed form suggests that you are getting too caught up in your past mistakes and misfortunes and are almost clinging to then unhealthily. You endured a lot in your past and have come a long way since then but have not yet resolved the issues that caused those mistakes and misfortunes and you often find them eating you up inside. The reversed Six of Cups urges you to move forward in life and leave the past where it belongs before you become stuck there. Those unresolved issues happened a long time ago so there is no use dredging them up now. This card asks that you learn from past mistakes and apply them to future situations. Move on before it's too late. 


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