Seven of Cups


Seven of Cups - Upright  



  • Illusions, wishful thinking, imagination, temporary success, emotional choices





The Seven of Cups is a card of wishful thinking and suggests that you are facing a lot of decision at this time but instead of focusing on making those decisions, you are caught up in your own fantasies instead. Your imagination is currently just a distraction from all the work that you are putting off, but soon you will be forced to deal with reality. You are surrounded by illusions right now and are unsure of what is real and what is not, this is partly the reason that you are putting off your work. The Seven of Cups warns that by getting caught up in your own head, you will not achieve your goals in real life, and because of this will not be able to move forward in the future. This card urges you to focus on your reality by clearing your head of all the unrealistic dreams and expectations that you have created for yourself. Focus on your future and the things you must accomplish in order to find success instead.

The Seven of Cups can also be considered a wish card, but only when used with caution. This card is a reminder that we must be careful what we wish for because we might just get it, and it could turn out to be our worst nightmare. It is a reminder that everything in life comes at a price. The Seven of Cups warns that when you hope for something to happen, you must ensure that it is what you truly want and that you are prepared to make sacrifices in your life in order to get it.


Seven of Cups - Reversed  



  • Desire, deception, selective sight, fantasies, losing touch with reality  





The Seven of Cups in reversed form suggests that you are currently being swayed by temptations, even though you are aware that it could end negatively. You are very impulsive at this time and feel like jumping into things and living life on the wild side. You are sick of everyday life and need to change it up a little bit before it begins to drain you. Because of this you are living in your head too much and living off fantasies instead of real life. The reversed Seven of Cups asks that you get your head out of the clouds and come back down to earth before illusion clouds your vision even more than it already has. It reminds you that sometimes life can become daunting but unfortunately it's something you can't run away from. You must face it and deal with it, not hide in your head. 


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