Page of Cups


Page of Cups - Upright  



  • Imagination, creativity, beginnings, enthusiasm, dreams, emotions





The Page of Cups is an enthusiastic card that marks the beginning of a creative journey. This card suggests that you currently find yourself inspired by the creative energy coursing through your veins. You are ready for this journey and can't contain your excitement of where it might take you. You are bursting with ideas and can't wait to get started. This opportunity that has now presented itself to you is not a mistake, it has arrived at the perfect time and wants you to take full advantage of it. Now is your time to shine. The Page of Cups encourages you to take that first step into this journey and to apply your enthusiasm and energy into every aspect of it. Explore this creativity that is currently bursting out of you with an open heart and mind and let it lead you to success.

The Page of Cups is also a card of intuition and suggests that your intuition is at its strongest right now. You have a deeper understanding of your subconscious mind and have learned to trust your inner voice and gut feelings. Now is a good time to explore this heightened intuition and let it lead you to your higher purpose. The Page of Cups reminds you that your intuition is always looking out for you and that you should trust it at all times, even if you're unsure yourself.


Page of Cups - Reversed  



  • Immaturity, creative block, overly-emotional, inability to move forward  





The Page of Cups in reversed form suggests that you may be experiencing some troubling emotional problems at this time which has caused you to feel hopeless and out of control. You maybe trying to run away from your responsibilities right now and would rather live in your head than face the realities ahead of you. You may be feeling completely insecure in your emotions and are struggling to see the positive side of things. The reversed Page of Cups warns that you must snap out of this way of thinking immediately as it could cause lasting damage, not just to your mental health, but also to your relationship with others. Restore positivity back into your life and take back control of your emotions. It may be easier said than done, but it is not impossible.


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