Nine of Cups


Nine of Cups - Upright  



  • Joy, happiness, fulfilment, well being, easy living, creativity, blossoming relationships  





The Nine of Cups is a card of imagination and suggests that you are a daydream andtend to live in your head more than you do in reality. You are very imaginative and love coming up with amazing ideas and scenario that could help you to achieve your dreams. You want nothing more than the best in life and wish that the life you've built for yourself in your head would match your real life. You love to think big and dream bigger! The Nine of Cups warns that, although it's good to be imaginative and to want to follow your dreams, you are being slightly unrealistic with your expectations. It's good to dream about what you want, but if you don't take action against it then it's a waste of time and energy. Bring yourself back down to earth and act on your ideas in reality rather than in your head.

The Nine of Cups is often referred to as the Wish card as it acts as a sign that you will soon receive what your heart truly desires. This is a card of satisfaction and hints that you will be rewarded with abundance in all aspects of life very soon. The Nine of Cups urges you to focus on your goals and dreams at this time and you may just manifest them into reality.


Nine of Cups - Reversed



  • Greed, ignorance, dissatisfaction, taking things for granted, materialism  





The Nine of Cups in a reversed position suggests that you currently feel as if you are getting nowhere with your goals and your life and that you are really struggling to manifest your dreams into your real life. This has caused you to feel disappointed and unsatisfied with your achievements up until this point and you now feel close to giving up. The reversed Nine of Cups urges you on with your journey and asks that you stay positive. Re-evaluate your goals and dreams and make sure that they are not too unrealistic an expectation. If they are, change them a little to make them more achievable. Your time will come, just be patient. 


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