Knight of Cups


Knight of Cups - Upright  



  • Dreaming, spirituality, creativity, intuition, romance, imagination





The Knight of Cups is an emotional card and suggests that you are very in touch with your emotions and intuition at this time. You are a romantic at heart and are in love with the idea of love and everything else connected to it. You are led by your emotions and listen to your heart over your head. The Knight of Cups encourages your loving attitude but warns that you must balance these emotions as you could be in danger of getting caught up with your imagination and letting it run wild with your emotions. He also warns that, although sometimes your heart can lead you to making the best decision, sometimes you must approach things with a logical mind set rather than an emotional one. The Knight of Swords reminds you that your dreams are there for a reason, to motivate and inspire you to follow them and reach your full potential. Explore your ideas, no matter how crazy they may be, and reach high for your dreams, however, don't confuse reality with fantasy. You must find the balance between the both. 


Knight of Cups - Reversed  



  • Unrealistic expectations, jealousy, laziness, living in your head  





The Knight of Cups in reversed form suggests that you are too in touch with your emotions right now and are allowing them to take over your life. Because of this you are slowly losing control of your thoughts and feelings. You're the type of person who, once they have an idea, jumps straight in without planning or thinking about the consequences of what you are doing and this can often get you into trouble. The reversed Knight of Cups asks you to re-evaluate your methods and to learn from your past mistakes. Although it's good to follow your desires and take action straight away, you must only do this if you're sure that it will work. Sometimes you must carefully plan it out and execute your ideas properly.


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