King of Cups


King of Cups - Upright



  • Emotional balance, confidence, creativity, intuition, generosity, control





The King of Cups is a card of emotion and suggests that you're feeling in control of your thoughts and feelings at this time. You have learned to balance your emotions accordingly and are able to portray a strong but compassionate character when the occasion calls for it. You now have a deeper understanding of your emotions and how to keep them in check when it's necessary. The King of Cups reminds you that you are the master of your own emotions and encourages to keep hold of the control you have over your own mind. You now have an advantage over many others, so use it, not just for your own benefit, but for others too.

The King of Cups could also suggest that you are finding it hard to deal with other people right now and because of this are coming across in the wrong way. This card is a reminder that everyone is dealing with their own difficulties and that it doesn't hurt to be a little nice to others and give back. The King of Cups urges you to be more compassionate to others and to help out when and where you can. Not only will you feel better for it but it will benefit you later on in the future.


King of Cups - Reversed



  • Manipulation, volatility, intensity, moodiness, scandal, anxious, unfaithful





The King of Cups in a reversed position suggests that you could be dealing with a manipulative person in your life right now. This is a selfish person who is only happy when things are down their way, and when things don't go their way, they have a tendency to become moody and passive aggressive. This person has left you feeling unsure about yourself and,frankly, anxious in their company. You have now even started doubting yourself and if it's you who's in the wrong, not them. The King of Cups asks that you either stand up for yourself or walk away from this toxic person before it affects your mental and emotional stability.

The King of Cups in reversed form could also suggest that you are struggling to keep a lid on your emotions and are slowly losing control over them. Because of this you are becoming too dependant on others and less dependent on yourself. You feel very vulnerable at this time and powerless to your own thoughts and feelings. The reversed King of Cups urgesyou to learn to balance your emotions accordingly in order to regain full control over them. He warns that if you don't do this, you may at risk of falling into a deep depression.


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