Eight of Cups


Eight of Cups - Upright



  • Abandonment, emotional isolation, rejection, restraint, insecurity





The Eight of Cups is a card of improvement and long-term happiness and suggests that right now you must re-evaluate your goals in order to work out if they are really what you want in life and if they will bring you satisfaction and joy in the long run. You must focus on bringing happiness and success into your life, but you can only do this if your goals are actually working towards that. You must try and find a deeper understanding to your life and work out what you truly want out of it. The Eight of Cups asks you to focus on your happiness right now and work out what will bring you joy later in life.If your current goals match that, then carry on working towards them. If not, change them to benefit you later on in the future.Once you truly know what you want, it will be easier to work towards it.


Eight of Cups - Reversed  



  • Hopelessness, depression, confusion, emotionally exhausted, lack of energy  





The Eight of Cups in a reversed position suggests that you are unsure about your future and what you want out of it and are now confused about what direction to take your life into that will benefit you long-term. You are uncertain off your options and at this point are close to giving up. You have big dreams but are scared to follow through with them as you are uncertain of where they could take you. That uncertainty scares you so much that you're scared to take that first step. You are terrified of stepping out of your comfort zone and losing what you already have for nothing. The reversed Eight of Cups urges you to go out and find your purpose, no matter how scary the idea is. You will never know until you try and you don't want to end up regretting it later on in life.


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