The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel Of Fortune is the eleventh card of the Major Arcana and represents the changes that happen in our lives. It embodies our ability to accept the ups and downs that happen on our journey. Our reaction to both the good times and the bad. Our need for structure, but also our need for change. It teaches us that life isn’t always rainbow and glitter. After all, what goes up must come down. But it’s how we deal with the highs and lows that matter. It is the Wheel Of Fortune because it knows that what goes around comes back around, but it’s ready to deal with anything that the cycle of life throws at it. It is aware that in order to succeed, it must find the balance between the good and the bad times. It is here to remind us that karma is always watching and is ready to reward but also ready to take away.

The Wheel Of Fortune is numbered 10 and it's numerological value is one. One is the first step. The start of something new. Now is the time to gather ideas and inspirations together to create new opportunities. It is an omen for potential and success, and a sign of taking that first step into the wild unknown.



Upright Keywords

  • Good luck, destiny, karma, serendipity, life cycles, a turning point, changes


Upright Meanings

The Wheel of Fortune represents the circle of life. In life, there are good times but there are also bad times, but even when your experiencing the bad times you know that there is good around the corner. It serves as a reminder that there will always ups and downs in life, and that instead of dwelling and taking negative things from them, we must see these experiences as a lesson and take them in a positive way. Make the most of the good times and learn from the bad and don’t ever be discouraged, because there is always something good down the road.

The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t want you to stand around and let life pass you by. Instead, it wants you to take action and try to remain on the good side of the wheel. When things are bad and you feel as if nothing is going right, don’t sit there and take it. Do everything in your power to turn things around.

Always look at the positives in life. As long as you can do that, you can face any problem that life throws at you. Everything looks much worse when you’re being negative about it. Have faith in the Universe and trust that everything it throws at you is done so because it wants you to learn and grow.

The Wheel of Fortune is often associated with karma. The saying ‘what goes around comes back around’ goes hand in hand with this card. Everything you do will eventually come back to you, whether good or bad. We must always be wary of our actions and how they affect ourselves and others because karma sees everything and always gives back.  In the upright position, The Wheel of Fortune represents the good side of life and karma, and suggests that you are in a good place right now and are experiencing positive gifts from the Universe. However, in order to stay on the good side of the wheel you must continue to be positive and treat others kindly.



Reversed Keywords

  • Difficult change, bad luck, lack of control, problems, negativity


Reversed Meanings

The Wheel of Fortune in reverse suggests that you’re not having the best time of it recently and this is beginning to take a toll on your life in a significant way. It may seem as if the bad luck that you’ve been experiencing lately is completely out of your control and you feel helpless, as if you have no power in your life anymore. However, while there may be external forces at work here, a lot of the negative things that are happening right now are down to your own mistakes and actions from the past. Reflect on your past mistakes and work out exactly where everything went wrong and how they may be influencing you now. Often when past problems come back to haunt us, it’s because there is still a lesson to be learned from them.

This card could also suggest that you’re wary, and possibly even fearful, of change in your life, and are therefore resisting it. Change is a scary thing because we never know how it will affect our life in the short-term or the long-term, but when you get past that thought, you will realise that change can be a wonderful thing, bringing forth amazing opportunities and sometimes even new beginnings. Don’t try and stop it from coming because the thing about change is that it will happen some way or another. You might as well accept it and embrace it.

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