The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit is the tenth card of the Major Arcana and represents our connection and understanding of our own selves. He embodies our inner guidance and our need to look inwards every now and again. Our need to connect with our own soul. Our need to see the past the noise and gain real clarity in our lives. He teaches us that the answers that we seek are within us. To find our truth, we must surrender and listen to the voice within. He is the Hermit because he knows that solitude is necessary to our personal growth. He is looking for answers that only he can provide, and to do that he must spend time alone. He is here to teach us that we must look deep down inside ourselves if we wish to reach our full potential. The answers have been there all along.

The Hermit is the tenth card of the tarot deck and it's numerological value is nine. Nine is the number of conclusion. You’re at the last leg of your journey. The success that you desire is at arms length. It suggests motivation and inspiration to finish what you’ve started is at its highest. Carry on your journey and teach that finish line.



Upright Keywords 

  • Meditation, solidarity, learning, soul searching, introspection, inner guidance, enlightenment

 Upright Meanings

The Hermit is a card of introspection and suggests setting aside time to focus on deepening your understanding of your life and your goals. Are you an inquisitive person with a desire to know the inner workings of the Universe and its power? In order to understand life’s mysteries, first you must look inside yourself. Delve deep down into your own mind and you may find the answers that you seek.

The Hermit may also suggest that you need to slow down. Have you been super busy lately and forgotten to take some much needed self-care time? Are you craving time to yourself? This card asks that you take a step back from your commitments. Let everything around you fade into the background for now, while you truly concentrate on yourself. 

Maybe you’ve been doing a lot of meditation recently, trying to gain a deeper perspective on your life? With this period of soul searching, you may have decided to re-evaluate your life and everything in it. You now have a deeper understanding of what you need to do in order to achieve your goals and are ready to change some things in your life to get to where you want to be.

The Hermit is a card of being alone, but not in a lonely way. You are happy with being alone and focusing all of your energy on yourself. Although it’s nice to have people around us, sometimes all we really need is to be in our own company. Take as much solitude as you need, and don’t feel guilty about it!

The Hermit is the most spiritual card in the deck and it is thought that meditating on this card will help you develop your spirituality and intuition further. It will help you find the light within yourself and allow you to release it into the world in such a way that will change your life completely. Through this card you can find your true potential and purpose.



Reversed Keywords 

  • Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, stubbornness, misfit, fear of being alone

Reversed Meanings

The Hermit in reverse can suggest that you’re not making enough time for yourself. We all need to get in touch with our inner selves from time to time in order to understand ourselves better and, also, to keep us sane. Have you been neglecting yourself lately? When was the last time you practised a little self-care? The reversed Hermit urges you to make some time to connect with yourself and reflect on your mind, body and soul. Sometimes life can get ahead of us and we get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves, but this is a necessary practice, especially if you have been busy lately. Look deep within yourself and get in touch with your spiritual self again.

The reversed Hermit could, however, also be letting you know that you have been spending too much time reflecting on your inner self, and are now at risk of isolating yourself from the world around you. You have literally become the Hermit. This card warns you not to cut yourself off from your loved ones. Although it’s good to reflect on your inner self, it is also good to connect with the outside world. Find the balance between being there for yourself spiritually and being there for those around you.


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