The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress is the fourth card of the Major Arcana and represents Mother Nature and how we connect with her. She embodies our ability to nurture and love as we tread further through our journey of self-discovery. She shows us that there is beauty in everything around us, as long as you’re willing to find it. She is the Empress because she is a creator. A creator of life. She is abundant with fertile energy, and is ready to plant her seeds. She understands that she must nurture these seeds in order for them to grow and she is prepared to do whatever it takes. She is ready to achieve!

The Empress is the fourth card of the tarot deck and it's numerological value is three. Three is the number of creation. It represents an abundance of creative energy and inspiration. This energy and inspiration is vital for your success, so take full advantage of them when they appear. By doing this, you will be well on your way to completing the first stage of your journey of achievement.



Upright Keywords

  • Fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, abundance, fulfilment, sensuality, nurturing, motherhood


 Upright Meanings

The Empress is a card of creation and represents fertility and abundance in all aspects of life. But, in order to experience the abundance that we seek, we must first plant those seeds and then nurture them - giving them the love and attention that they need to grow. Gather your ideas together and create a plan of action. Manifesting your dreams doesn’t come for free. It takes patience, nurturing and  growth to get there.

This card can also represent feminine energy and a desire to create beauty in your life, and others. This is a card of indulgence and self care. Do something special in order to make yourself feel better about you. There are many ways to do this. Get your pamper on. Cuddle up with your favourite book. Do something creative. Whatever is going to make you feel at peace with yourself and bring your energy levels back up.

If you’re a creative person, The Empress is your calling to develop your creative energy. Nurture and grow your artistic expression by creating something beautiful.

 The Empress is a mother figure and is all about maternal instincts and the promotion of well-being and security. Help others when you can. Provide guidance and a shoulder to cry on. Let out your nurturing side and aid those who are in need. 

The Empress is not just a mother. She is Mother Earth and can often show herself to those who are in need of a date with nature. Those who are in need of grounding. Go back to your roots and become one with yourself again. Allow yourself space to enter a different mind frame and truly connect with the earth. Receive her into your heart and mind and you may learn a few new things about yourself.


Reversed Keywords

  • Creative block, dependency on others, wasted energy, laziness, poverty, obstructed abilities


Reversed Meanings

The Empress in reversed form could indicate that there is trouble in paradise. Are you currently experiencing problems that are affecting your home life? These problems can be caused by infertility, finances or other external factors. Are you feeling as if you are receiving little affection by your loved ones and in return are giving little back? These problems can make you feel as if life is at a standstill, and you have no way to work things out. Put all of your focus and energy on solving these problems in order to move forward with your life.

The Empress in this position could also indicate a loss of personal power, caused by placing too much emphasis on someone else’s needs over your own. This person has left you feeling indecisive about your own life and confused about the direction that your relationship is taking. Take some time to yourself to restore your energy and self-belief. Your past relationships have impacted how you see yourself and as a result, you may be sabotaging your current relationship. 


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