The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot is the eighth card of the Major Arcana and represents our determination to succeed. It embodies our will power to overcome any obstacle and make it through to the other side. It teach us to focus on our goals and follow them through to the very end. It is The Chariot because it has victory in mind and will do anything to get to that finishing line. It is driven by success. It is here to teach us that our strength and our determination can overcome anything that comes before us on this journey.

The Chariot is the eighth card of the tarot deck and it's numerological value is seven. Seven is the number of development. It suggests a time to step back and enter a period of solitude and introspection in order to re-evaluate your life and see things for what they really are. Sevens ask that you have faith in the Universe to provide you with the knowledge that you need to go forward. 



Upright Keywords

  • Triumph, self-control, willpower, focus, drive, determination, energy, victory, reward


Upright Meanings

The Chariot is a card of triumph and suggests that your confidence and determination to get the job done will result in victory if you carry on with this hard working attitude. You are a force to be reckoned with, and your determination to reach your goals will be no match for any obstacles in your way. Your strength and will power will make reaching the top easy for you. Carry on with what you’re doing and don’t let anything get in your way.

You can be successful in accomplishing your goals, as long as you stay focused and determined and put your absolute all into your work right now. Knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to reach your end result is half of the satisfaction because you’ve earned it. Draw on your willpower and strength in order to succeed.

Be bold on this journey to victory. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take what you want with both hands. Take the bull by the horns and have faith that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. As long as you know what you’re doing and you stay faithful to yourself and what you stand for, there is no reason why you shouldn’t triumph.


Reversed Keywords

  • Unfocused, scattered energy, negativity, lack of control, aggression, failure, vanity


Reversed Meanings

The Chariot in reverse suggests that you may be losing touch with your goals and feel as if you have lost control over your life. You feel as if everything is against you and that there are too many forces at play trying to trip you up. You feel entirely powerless and useless and you are now at the point of giving up. Take back control of your life and keep going. Focus your energy on picking yourself back up and getting back to the job at hand. If you’re feeling out of control then you need to re-evaluate your situation. If you can take back that control, then do it. If you can’t, push it to the back of your mind for the time being. If you there’s nothing that you can do about it then there’s no reason to worry about it. Focus your energies on what you can control instead.

The Chariot in this position could also indicate that you are under too much pressure at the moment and are finding it hard to balance everything. It’s all getting too much for you. Stop for a second and rest. Reflect on the things that you have already done and if you need to, re-evaluate your priorities. Working yourself up about things will only cause you to lose control of yourself. You must channel your inner strength and focus in order to get back on track.


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