A Simple Guide To Candle Magic

Candle Magic

Everybody loves a good candle, amiright?! You walk into any home and you’re sure to find at least one candle lying around. They’re a staple for any house, with the variety of scents available and the warm glow that they emit. They’re also relatively low cost depending on the brand that you tend to go with. 

Candles are also the ultimate tool for magical practices, especially for beginners who are just building up their witchy collection. When you see photos of witches altars, there is always a candle or four included. There's a reason for that. Candle magic can carry a lot of power. It's also simple, easy and pretty diverse. If you have a candle in your house, then you can do amazing things with it. It’s the simplest form of magic but its also the most effective!

Candle magic harnesses the element of fire. A powerful element of creativity and transformation. Fire has the ability to destroy, but it also has the ability to give life. Take forest fires, for example - they destroy everything in their path, but they also add nutrients into the soil, allowing plants and trees to grow back from the ashes. Magical!

Here is a little guide to candle magic!


The Candle

There is no rule on the type of candle you use - whether it’s a pillar candle, a tea light or a Yankee Candle - whatever you have or prefer, you can use it. Just be wary that some candle spells do require the candle to burn out before the ritual ends. So usually the smaller the better, but other than that, use whatever floats your boat. 

Other candle spells require continuation over a few days. In this case, you don’t have to wait for the candle to burn out completely for the spell to end, you’ll need to use the same candle the next day. 

A question I see a lot about candle magic is whether you should use scented or unscented candles. In my experience, it doesn’t really make a difference as long as the scent of the candle contributes to the spell you’re trying to make. I often find scented candles help me focus a little more on the spell itself.  



Candle Colours

As you may already know, the colour of your candle can contribute to the spell. Different colours work for different kinds of magic. Here is a little guide to candle colours. 


White candles are often associated with the Goddess and the Higher Self, so for any work relating to those two aspects, white is your guy. White is also perfect for spells relating to purity, healing, virginity and bestowing peace, and is the colour of choice for those who practice divination. White candles relate to any kind of magic so they can be used to substitute any other colour candle in your work.



Red is a powerful colour often associated with the element of Fire. Red is very sultry,  often used to represent passion and lust, so for any sexy spells, this is your colour. Red candles are also perfect for spells related to strength, taking action and being independent. 



Orange is a colour of attraction. It catches your eye instantly. Orange candles are perfect for attraction spells of any kind, whether you’re trying to attract someone’s attention or even new opportunities. Orange candles are also perfect for spells relating to success, creativity, happiness and any kind of legal matter.  



Pink is often thought to be the colour of love and romance. It is often associated as a feminine colour, so for any spells relating to love, romance or enhancing your feminine energy, pink is your go-to. Pink candles are also perfect for spells relating to affection, self-care and friendships.  



Brown is the colour of the earth and this colour candle is often associated with Mother Nature and all things earthly and natural. If you’re looking to connect with the earth or even the animals around you, then brown should be your candle of choice. Brown candles are also for spells relating to healing, grounding and blessings.  



Purple is a very spiritual colour often associated with the third eye chakra - also represented by the colour purple. Purple candles are your go-to when looking to develop your psychic abilities and tapping into your intuition. Purple candles are also perfect for spells relating to gaining knowledge, especially knowledge that is hidden, and breaking bad habits.



Just like the colour brown, green is also associated with the element of Earth and Mother Nature.  Green candles will allow you to connect with the nature around you, including plants and animals. Green candles are also perfect for spells relating to healing, finances, growth and warding off jealousy.



Yellow is a positive colour often associated with the Sun and it’s energy. This colour also represents the element of Air. Yellow candles are perfect for spells relating to positivity, wisdom, memory, clearing away mental blocks and clarity. 



The colour blue is often associated with the water element and relates to emotions and calming energy, and a blue candle is perfect for work of this nature. Blue candles are also perfect for spells relating to the protection, forgiveness, wisdom and focus.



Grey and silver candles are often associated with the Moon and are perfect for moon rituals or working with the Moon Goddess.  Like purple, grey and silver are also very spiritual colours and are often use to enhance psychic abilities. Grey and silver candles are also perfect for spells relating to developing your intuition, dreaming and clairvoyance, and is also a great candle colour for creating balance and harmony. 



Black candles are often thought to be associated with evil magic, but they actually do quite the opposite. Instead of attracting evil, they are great for warding off and banishing negative or evil energy. Black candles are also perfect for spells relating to protection and binding.



Creating Candle Magic

Now that you have a basic understanding of the best candle and colours to use for your work, it’s time to get down to business.  Here are some simple steps to candle spell work!

1. Set Your Intention

As with most things, it’s important to set an intention with your spell-work. After all, that’s what most spells derive from - intentions. A lot of thought must go into this step. What do you want to manifest? What is your ultimate achievement?

Be specific with your intention and make sure that it's realistic. Intentions are like goals, not wishes, so make sure that they are achievable and that you know what you want and why.

Another must when setting intentions is being positive with your words. The Universe doesn't want to hear ‘don’t’ and ‘can’t’, it wants to hear ‘will’ and ‘can’.

Think of your intention as an affirmation. Break it down into a single sentence that will be easy to remember and repeat. Like ‘I will experience abundance’ or ‘I will receive the rewards that I deserve’.  


2. Create Your Spell

Now that you have your intention, it’s time to create your actual spell, using the intention as your guide. This will be done through chanting, which is the most effective way in spell-work to get your intention out there, and also to build up the necessary energy. It works the same way that affirmations do.

Chants are pretty simple to make. You can either take a look online at the various chant selections that are already out there, or you can simply create your own.

When creating your own, you don’t have to 'go big or go home'. A small, simple chant will do the trick. As long as it relates to your intention and holds meaning to you, it will work. Write your chant in the same way you wrote your intention - specific, realistic and positive.  


3. Cast Your Spell

Now that all the preparation is done, it’s time for the fun bit - casting your spell. Simply set up your altar with your candle of choice - you can also dress your candle with essential oils that contribute to your work, if you’d like.

When you’re ready, take a minute to centre and focus your mind on the work you’re about to do. When you feel focused, chant your intention as loud as possible and then light your candle.

If you feel like it, chant a few more times once the candle has been lit and then leave the candle to burn itself out. 

*never leave your candle unattended whilst burning. 

I hope this post helped you understand the art of using candles in your workings. What experiences have you had with candle magic? Any tips you would like to add? Share below!

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