The Waxing Moon + The Zodiac Signs

Waxing Moon In The Signs

The moon is such a vital part of the night sky, a bright contrast against the sea of black. We often forget that the moon’s glow is not her own. Every night, she borrows her shine from the sun, with her surface reflecting the sun’s light and illuminating the dark sky.

This illuminated body is a familiar sight, but what many of us don’t realise is that we experience the power of the moon in various ways, and tapping into her power can create changes in our lives.

Science has proven that the moon affects our oceans, wildlife, and our moods. With this in mind, it’s no wonder the moon has been a point of worship within many cultures for thousands of years.

The moon touches our inner selves. It reminds us that, like the phases of the moon, darkness always gives way to light, emptiness gives way to fullness, and rebirth is just around the corner.

By learning of the moon and connecting with each phase’s energy, we tune into mind, body, and soul, bringing awareness to the shifts and cycles taking place in our lives.


Waxing Moon Themes

A waxing moon marks the first half of a lunar cycle, taking place between the new moon and the full moon as the moon makes its journey around the Earth, moving further away from the Sun. The side facing our planet illuminates more with each day.

We often know this waxing period as an increasing moon as the moon looks to grow each night until it reaches its full potential as the full moon. As the moon builds towards fullness, it invites us to increase with it.

The waxing moon acts as a call to action, encouraging us to work towards our new moon intentions.

This phase is the perfect time to dedicate to your goals and take action.

A waxing moon is a time of personal growth, where we must do everything in our power to progress and expand on your goals.

During the new moon, you may have set intentions to clarify what you want to manifest during this cycle, and a waxing moon signifies a great time to build on these intentions as its energy keeps us focused on our goals.

The moon affects our emotions, with this phase increasing the need to take action, meaning that you may feel overwhelmed by your duties.

Priority setting is the key to a prosperous waxing moon. Make sure you’re clear about what you’re manifesting and the steps needed to make that happen.

Every waxing moon is different, occupying a new zodiac sign every month, allowing us the opportunity to work on various areas in our lives, as it lights up different themes.


The Waxing Moon In Aries

Waxing Moon In Aries

When the moon waxes in the sign of Aries, it asks us to nurture our new moon intentions with as much passion as you can spare. Aries can be a self-focused sign, and it's this energy we are being asked to embody during this phase. Put as much focus and passion into your goals as you can.

An Aries waxing moon can make us more impulsive in our actions. This can help us by forcing us to take fast action instead of overthinking, but this can work against us in the same way. Acting on something without giving it much consideration can cause mistakes or poor decisions.

Always try to find the balance between impulsivity and caution during an Aries waxing moon.


The Waxing Moon In Taurus

Waxing Moon In Taurus

When the waxing moon enters Taurus, we switch our focus to our sense of stability, creating a need to work towards something tangible and safe. Taurus is a sign concerned with comfort and deep roots. Look at your new moon intentions and ask yourself what you can do to make them happen and then build your foundations.

Because of the stable and grounded influences of Taurus, you may progress slower than usual during a waxing moon in this sign. When we allow ourselves to slow down, we gain the opportunity to see things with clarity and put more energy behind essential tasks.

Taurus’ slow-moving energy can leave us feeling unmotivated, and during a Taurus waxing moon, we become more prone to procrastination. Give yourself the chance to take things slower, but acknowledge moments of procrastination and laziness and snap out of it.


The Waxing Moon In Gemini

Waxing Moon In Gemini

When the moon waxes in air sign Gemini, our attention shifts to the changes that are taking place in our lives and the way we adapt to them. Gemini’s motto is ‘go with the flow’, and it’s this motto we must follow during this moon phase. Reflect on how you work with challenges and obstacles that threaten to change your goals. Do you work with them as they appear? Or, do you let them get the best of you?

Because of the ever-changing energy of this Gemini moon, you may find that the pace has picked up from the Taurus transit. Gemini is productive, wanting to get as many things done as possible. Use this productive rush to your advantage. A waxing moon is a time to get things done, and Gemini energy will help you may do just that.

Make sure not to overdo it. This level of productivity can cause you to burn the candle on both ends as you feel rushed to cross off everything on your to-do list. Remember to give yourself permission to slow down and adapt to the energy flow you’re experiencing.


The Waxing Moon In Cancer

Waxing Moon In Cancer

A waxing moon in sensitive Cancer shifts our attention to our triggers, acknowledging our emotions and how they lead us toward action.

Cancer energy is emotional, ruled by the moon, so any phase in Cancer will hit us hard. Sit back and observe. Don’t distract yourself from how you feel. Allow yourself to step back and experience it.

Our emotions are a gateway to our inner selves and acknowledging them can work wonders for our intuition, making us more receptive to intuitive messages.

The intuition that we experience can send us into emotional overload, so it’s necessary to avoid pushing them away without acknowledging them first.

Bottling our emotions up will make us more likely to act out. Nurture these sensations by reflecting on them. Come home to yourself and let your intuition guide you to the best solution.

The Waxing Moon In Leo

Waxing Moon In Leo

When the moon waxes in fearless Leo, it brings awareness to our fears and the actions that we must take to emerge from stagnation.

Leo energy is brave and courageous, and during a Leo moon, we are more likely to be bolder in our decisions and actions.

Reflect on your desires and the limitations that are holding you back from chasing them. Acknowledge the fear that has bound you and take the necessary steps to jump straight into that fear, releasing you from its grasp.

Leo energy can be self-focused, encouraging you to fight your way into the spotlight, desiring the attention and appreciation your talents deserve. You are now being asked to step forward, and you shouldn’t fear following through with this.


The Waxing Moon In Virgo

Waxing Moon In Virgo

A waxing moon in this sign is the perfect time to switch our mindsets and get the real work done.

Virgo represents our habits and routines, and when the moon waxes here, we feel the urge to reflect on these daily practices and the patterns that develop from them, acknowledging whether they are benefiting us. What practices do you need to change?

This sign can also bring out our inner perfectionist, focusing our attention on the small stuff rather than the bigger picture.

The saying, ‘the devil is in the details’ comes to mind with this perfectionism, making us more likely to spot mistakes and find things that we may have otherwise overlooked.

In moderation, a sense of perfectionism can benefit us, as long as we have control over it. Perfection is an illusion that you can’t reach. It’s okay to worry over details, but when you’re nitpicking over small things elsewhere in your life, you will cause more conflict than peace.


The Waxing Moon In Libra

Waxing Moon In Libra

When the waxing moon enters balanced Libra, it restores emotional equilibrium, which allows us to see things with clarity and make level-headed decisions.

The harmonious energy that Libra sends our way during the waxing moon eliminates the internal conflict, making it easier to move at our own pace and align with the energy we are experiencing.

While a waxing moon in Libra can be a brilliant time for decision making, it can bring a time of indecision for the same reasons.

The different aspects that we encounter during a Libra moon will allow us to understand the pros and cons of every decision and make it easier to decide which path to follow. If you reach uncertainty on a choice, don’t choose on impulse. Leave the decision until the answer is clearer.


The Waxing Moon In Scorpio

Waxing Moon In Scorpio

Scorpio energy is passionate, and when the moon waxes here, it calls us to dive deep into our desires and start making the changes we want to see in our lives.

Scorpio is a very transformative sign, so if your new moon intentions revolve around personal growth, a waxing moon in Scorpio the perfect time to act on them.

A waxing moon in this water sign heightens our emotions and intuition, which will push us to create a change in our lives and help us realise our life purpose.

We must also keep in mind that, when our emotions strengthen, they threaten to grow out of control. This can lead to an extreme in behaviour, and with emotion and action clashing, it could make us act out of turn.

The Waxing Moon In Sagittarius

Waxing Moon In Sagittarius

A waxing moon in adventurous Sagittarius marks a time of exceeding our boundaries and stepping into unknown territory, ready for new experiences and opportunities.

Sagittarius energy is free and wild, making a waxing moon here the perfect opportunity to free yourself from your rut. When the moon waxes here, it reminds us we have unlimited opportunities in our lives, and we should take hold of each one.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, represented by the archer whose favourite motto is to ‘shoot for the stars’. Now is the time for pure and passionate action and expanding our comfort zones, so don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams.

Be careful of throwing too much of yourself into your goals. Hard work is necessary for achieving your goals but not at the expense of your mental and physical health. Dedicate plenty of time for self-care during this moon transit.


The Waxing Moon In Capricorn

Waxing Moon In Capricorn

When the waxing moon enters Capricorn, it gives us a chance to reflect on our journey and the steps we are taking to achieve our goals, acknowledging what is and isn’t working for us and making changes where necessary.

Capricorn energy is practical and represents staying true to yourself and your goals, and a waxing moon in this sign will motivate us to take real steps towards success.

Capricorn is an earth sign, present and grounded, with feet planted on solid ground and eyes fixated with what’s right in front of them in the present moment. This is your time to focus on your goal and what you must do to manifest it into reality. Think of the steps you need to take and whether they are realistic and achievable. If so, waste no more time.

A Capricorn transit within this phase can be excessive. On a bad day, Capricorn energy can bring out the know-it-all in us. Avoid this approach if you want to grow during this time. Growth comes from experience and learning.


The Waxing Moon In Aquarius

Waxing Moon In Aquarius

When the moon waxes in the trailblazing sign of Aquarius, it calls us to be more independent in our thoughts and more authentic in our actions.

Aquarius energy is free-thinking, trailblazing, so harness this energy when the moon waxes in this sign. Honour your values and beliefs, and work towards what you want in life.

Aquarius likes to keep things flowing and inspires movement and change and change during its transit. Take this opportunity to focus on the bigger picture and stay open to actions that will get you there.

There is one downfall to Aquarius energy. The need to make a change may lead you during this time, but remember to stay present. Aquarius can appear distant and unavailable, so be aware when you develop these qualities and open up.


The Waxing Moon In Pisces

Waxing Moon In Pisces

A waxing moon in intuitive Pisces asks us to expand our natural wisdom and explore our emotional capacities.

Pisces energy is otherworldly, with a heightened connection to the Universe and its knowledge.

When the moon waxes here, it amplifies manifestation. To work with this power, connect to your desires and focus as much energy towards your intentions. Make conscious decisions to help attract them.

During such a sensitive time, be careful not to get tangled up in your emotions. To benefit from a Pisces moon, we must have a sense of clarity which we cannot achieve when we are not in control of how we feel. When you feel as if your emotions are getting carried away, allow yourself the opportunity to step back and acknowledge them.

Waxing Moon In The Signs