The Full Moon + The Zodiac Signs

Full Moon In The Zodiac

The moon is such a vital part of the night sky, a bright contrast against the sea of black. We often forget that the moon’s glow is not her own. Every night, she borrows her shine from the sun, with her surface reflecting the sun’s light and illuminating the dark sky.

This illuminated body is a familiar sight, but what many of us don’t realise is that we experience the power of the moon in various ways, and tapping into her power can create changes in our lives.

Science has proven that the moon affects our oceans, wildlife, and our moods. With this in mind, it’s no wonder the moon has been a point of worship within many cultures for thousands of years.

The moon touches our inner selves. It reminds us that, like the phases of the moon, darkness always gives way to light, emptiness gives way to fullness, and rebirth is just around the corner.

By learning of the moon and connecting with each phase’s energy, we tune into mind, body, and soul, bringing awareness to the shifts and cycles taking place in our lives.


Full Moon Themes

A full moon marks the midway point of a lunar cycle where the moon has reached its fullest potential and is bright and illuminating in the sky. During the full moon, the Earth sits between the sun and the moon, allowing us to see the sun’s reflection hitting the moon’s surface.

The full moon occurs once every month. When there is a rare occurrence of over one full moon a month, we refer to it as a blue moon.

The full moon acts as a time of harvest encouraging us to celebrate our achievements and reap what we have sown.

This phase is the perfect time to express gratitude and tune into your intuition.

A full moon heightens everything, from our intuition to our moods. Take advantage by tuning into your emotions and getting to the root of the issues that sabotage you.

At the time of a full moon, it will present you with the clarity to reflect on your journey so far through the cycle and receive higher guidance to lead you forward. This guide will help you recognise what has been holding you back, allowing you to grow from it and release it.

The moon affects our emotions, with this phase increasing the need to dig a little deeper into them to understand how they affect us and our intentions.

Tuning in is the key to a fruitful, full moon. Make sure you acknowledge your emotions and anything that is triggering you during this time and that, instead of pushing it down, you work with it.


The Full Moon In Aries

Full Moon In Aries

When the moon is full in the hardworking and superior Aries, it calls us to stand up on our own two feet and take the lead. To take control of the steering wheel and follow our path. A full moon in Aries asks us to focus our attention on our purpose and start thinking about what we need to cut out of our lives when the moon wanes so we can move forward into that purpose.

An Aries full moon represents leadership, but this sense of authority that we experience comes with its disadvantages too. Aries energy has its eyes on the prize, and because of this, we may get frustrated when things don’t quite go according to plan. Don’t feed into anger and triggers. What you feel during any full moon will be intense, and can lead to conflict, destruction, and things you may later regret.

The most important thing you can focus on during this time is your goals and purpose and aligning yourself with them. What can you release to align with your purpose? Reflect on this question and attempt to let it go when the moon wanes.


The Full Moon In Taurus

Full Moon In Taurus

A full moon in mindful and comfort-seeking Taurus allows us the opportunity to see past stress and worries to celebrate the abundance that we already hold. It’s common to slip into a lack mindset because everyone wants more than what they already have, making it easy to forget the great things that we have.

Taurus energy brings this back home, reminding us to come back to the present and realise what is already in front of us. During a Taurus full moon, express gratitude for the great things that are present in your life.

A great way to keep yourself grounded during any Taurus full moon is to surround yourself with the things that bring you comfort and a sense of stability. Stability is an important theme for this phase, but now is not the time to concern yourself with it, it’s a time to celebrate it. Ground your energy by remembering to take a few mindful moments and reminding yourself of the things you love.


The Full Moon In Gemini

Full Moon In Gemini

A full moon in Gemini encourages us to embrace our curious side by asking questions and learning as much as we can. It will motivate us to tune in to the knowledge that we receive and encourages us to keep an open heart and mind to new perspectives.

When the moon is full in this air sign, it heightens our inspiration and ability to think freely. Attempt to reflect on what is inspiring you and then express it.

As an air sign, communication is a big theme during any Gemini transit, but during a full moon, self-expression should be your focus. The full moon is the first stage of the waning phase, which asks us to release what is holding us back. Now is the perfect time to express your thoughts and concerns and release them.


The Full Moon In Cancer

Full Moon In Cancer

A full moon in Cancer is intense, because the moon rules this water sign, meaning that emotions are at an all-time high. During a full moon, we feel everything at a more intense rate, but during a Cancer full moon, those feelings will be on full blast.

A Cancer moon evokes vulnerability and sensitivity within us, and this is something we must acknowledge and expand on. No more hiding behind a mask, this moon is ripping down all illusions and leaving us naked and open to the world. Putting a barrier between our inner and outer self may appeal to us, but it’ll do more damage than good. Show yourself to the world by letting the real you shine through.

This moon will bring us closer to our intuition. Draw on this internal wisdom when things get tough. Conflict can be high during this time, so we must tap into compassion and intuition when this happens, taking a moment to pause and reflect before responding.

The Full Moon In Leo

Full Moon In Leo

A Leo full moon is a time where we realise our authentic power. A time to acknowledge our truth, recognise our potential, and use it to our advantage. Shying away from this truth will not work during this zodiac/moon collaboration because fearless Leo doesn’t run from anyone. When your authenticity shows its face, own it!

A Leo moon is the perfect time to release your internal fears, reflecting on what holds you back from your potential and letting them go. Don’t fear stepping out of the shadows and into the light. Acknowledge your fears. Acknowledge the effect they have over you and instead of giving in to that power, use it to propel yourself forward. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is pure fire energy - passion, drive, action, and manifestation.

A Leo full moon will allow you to manifest your authenticity, your essence, into the world.


The Full Moon In Virgo

Full Moon In Virgo

Virgo is a sign of logic, detail, and clarity, and when the full moon enters this sign, it asks us to reflect on our current situation and make sense of it. To clear away the cobwebs and to gain clarity on our purpose so we can move forward. During a full moon in Virgo, everything comes into focus, and we acknowledge what is and isn’t working for us.

A Virgo full moon asks us to reflect on the intuitive messages we receive. To find the clarity that will help us put them into practice when the occasion calls for it.

Virgo energy motivates us to get our lives in order. To prioritise what’s relevant and to throw out what isn’t. An emotional declutter is necessary during a Virgo full moon, for the sake of moving forward in the next cycle. Sort through your internal baggage and acknowledge what needs to go when the moon wanes.


The Full Moon In Libra

Full Moon In Libra

Libra is a sign of equilibrium and inviting peace and harmony into our lives. When the moon is full here, it calls us to reflect and gain clarity on the areas of our lives that are out of balance and are causing us to fall out of alignment with our goals and purpose.

The full moon in Libra brings our attention to these imbalanced areas. It asks us to acknowledge these areas and understand the cause. This way, we can work to release them when the moon wanes.

Venus rules Libra and brings our attention to how we connect with others. This phase will ask us to balance our emotions and the emotions of those around us. Be fair in your relationships and focus only on the truth. Nothing else should matter.


The Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio

When the moon is full in Scorpio, it asks us to tune in to our desires and connect with our passion. The intensity of our desires will increase until we will do anything to have it. Motivated by desire, nothing can stand in our way.

Whenever the full moon is in Scorpio, it calls us to transform. Our emotions are so intense during this time that we have no choice but to delve deeper into them. Pay attention to any discomfort or feelings of dissatisfaction within your life, because this is where you must level up, so allow that discomfort to drive you to make changes.

A full moon is the beginning process of change through release, and during a Scorpio full moon, we must reflect on what holds us back from authenticity and truth. Finding truth is the first step to transformation, and this moon will help you let go of anything that doesn’t align with your authentic self.

The Full Moon In Sagittarius

Full Moon In Sagittarius

A full moon in Sagittarius places our focus on truth and the search for something bigger than ourselves. Reflect on your values and release any illusions that don’t align with them.

A full moon in this fire sign likes to explore boundaries. It will give us the confidence to face up to our truths and the courage to express this authenticity.

This fire sign loves to expand. Your internal boundaries and limits are something you are being asked to reflect on during this full moon, so you can work on releasing them when the moon wanes.


The Full Moon In Capricorn

Full Moon In Capricorn

When the moon is full in Capricorn, it calls us to take control of our actions and do everything in our power to reach our goals. To get real with ourselves about what we’re working towards and to apply twice as much effort so we can achieve success in our lives.

A Capricorn full moon invokes a sense of confidence in us and makes us determined to live towards our purpose. Our awareness will shift to where we spend our time and energy and how we can put them to better use. Pay attention to feelings of dissatisfaction within your tasks during this moon phase.

Capricorn relates to our working lives, and when the full moon travels through this zodiac, it can create a power struggle. Be careful of getting too big for your boots and take mindful moments throughout your day to ground your energy and focus your mind. 


The Full Moon In Aquarius 

Full Moon In Aquarius

A full moon in Aquarius calls attention to our authentic selves and how we stand up for our inner truths. Any Aquarius transit comes straight from the soul, and a full moon here is no different, asking us to tune into our soul and to channel its voice through us.

This sign always has a logical understanding of the way it feels. This moon will allow you to gain new perspectives on your emotions. With this knowledge, you will understand how your emotions affect your senses.

Air signs support connections that align with our souls. A full moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to reconnect with and celebrate the loved ones in your life and is also a great time to search for like-minded souls on your wavelength.


The Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon In Pisces

When the moon is full in intuitive Pisces, it asks us to check in with our emotions. A full moon will intensify everything, so pay close attention to what the moon heightens for you during this time. Acknowledge them and try to understand why they are having such an effect on you.

It’s easy to allow your emotions to drown you during this phase, but Pisces asks that you use its energy to tune into them and feel it out. Acknowledge them as they come through and allow yourself to be compassionate when dealing with them.

A full moon is the beginning process of release. This water sign opens the door for this release, breaking down illusions and welcoming a sense of clarity. Take notice of what’s falling away and release it so you can fall back into alignment.

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