The New Moon + The Zodiac Signs

New Moon In The Signs

The moon is such a vital part of the night sky, a bright contrast against the sea of black.  We often forget that the moon’s glow is not her own. Every night, she borrows her shine from the sun; her surface reflecting the sun’s light and illuminating the dark sky.

This illuminated body is a familiar sight, but what many of us don’t realise is that we feel the power of the moon in various ways, and tapping into her power can make a big difference in our lives.

Science has already proven that the moon affects our oceans, wildlife, and our moods. With this in mind, it’s no wonder the moon has been a point of worship within many cultures for thousands of years.

The moon touches our inner selves. It reminds us that, like the phases of the moon, darkness always gives way to light, emptiness gives way to fullness, and rebirth is just around the corner.

By learning about the moon and connecting with each phase’s energy, we tune into mind, body, and soul, bringing awareness to the shifts and cycles taking place within.


New Moon Themes

A new moon marks the start of a brand new lunar cycle, taking place when the moon finds itself between the Sun and the Earth. The side facing our planet cannot reflect the Sun’s light, leaving it unilluminated, invisible to the naked eye. 

Although you cannot see the moon on such a night, we must not underestimate the power of the new moon. It still has a hold over us. The sky seems even darker in the moon’s absent illumination, but within this darkness, there is tranquillity. 

The new moon represents a rebirth that is abundant in possibilities. This phase acts like a reset button where our goals renew and we set intentions to help us along the way.

This phase is the perfect time to plant new seeds and start new projects.

A new moon is an important time for spiritual and personal growth and also serves as the first step towards manifestation. Take the time to meditate on your goals and set intentions that will help you achieve them. 

Before you set your new moon intentions, spend some time reflecting on what it is you want to manifest into your life. Knowing what you want can be hard, but the trick to manifesting your dreams is to be as clear and specific in your intentions as possible. 

As the moon rules our emotions and intuition, and the new moon represents a clean slate, it’s normal to feel a little uncertain of your purpose during this phase. However, as a time of quiet energy, acknowledge and sit with this emotion, rather than distract yourself from it. 

Every new moon is different, occupying a new zodiac sign every month, allowing us an opportunity to work on various areas in our life, and lighting up different themes within.


The New Moon In Aries

New Moon In Aries

Aries is a driven sign and makes you want to get things done, right now and fast. An Aries new moon will also have you reflecting on the challenges you are facing, involving your goals, trying to work out a way around them.

Any new moon brings an air of rebirth along for the ride, but an Aries new moon heightens our need for a fresh start more than any other. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries energy oozes renewal. When the sun and moon meet within this fire sign, it will thrust us into extreme changes as we experience a cosmic reset.

With any fresh start comes a fear of the unknown, but courageous Aries is fearless of change, and will encourage us to embrace the changes coming our way. An Aries new moon is the perfect time to go after what you want in life, no matter how big or scary that action is. Be brave and bold in your decisions and don’t let your limitations stop you from charging towards your dreams.

However, with all this courageous and bold energy in the air, be careful of impulsive and reckless behaviour during this moon phase. Think things through before acting on them.


The New Moon In Taurus

New Moon In Taurus

Taurus is well known for its love of all things beauty, comfort, and stable. During a Taurus moon, we are asked to slow down and appreciate the small pleasures in life. To do something that makes us feel good in the present moment.

We all strive to feel fulfilled in life and we often search for this fulfilment in everything around us. We look for it in our relationships, our homes, our work, our dreams, but we seldom find it in the beauty of the moment. This is because we all live busy lives and often forget to stop and smell the roses. To slow down and enjoy where we are right now. A Taurus New Moon asks us to indulge in the pleasures of being alive in the present moment and find fulfilment there. To find beauty in nature and to celebrate our bodies as they are.
A Taurus new moon takes our intention setting to a whole new level, by asking us to reflect on where we see our future self and if we’re dedicated to that cause long term.  If you want to manifest your ideal life and wish to see results quickly, this Taurus New Moon is the best time to start building foundations, focusing only on tangible things that hold substance for us, both now and in the future.

However, as the sign of the bull, Taurus energy within a New Moon can make us stubborn and unable to adapt to the shifts and changes taking place around us. You may find yourself clinging to old patterns and habits that no longer serve you out of fear of the changes that letting go of them will bring. Change is necessary, and you must let old, stagnant patterns and mindset crumble away if you want to manifest the life you desire. 


The New Moon In Gemini

New Moon In Gemini

When the new moon is occupying chatty and ever-changing Gemini, reflect on your communication skills and the messages we are sending out into the Universe.

Gemini is authentic in its approach to communication and likes to talk with truth as much as possible, so during this phase, it’s essential to reflect on how authentically you express yourself when you communicate with both yourself and others.

Gemini energy has a tendency of being ‘two-faced’ and can withhold the truth a little too well. Reflect on the information and emotions that you’ve been withholding, instead of allowing it to build up within. What have you been holding back from saying? Maybe you’re too scared, or shy, or don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? Think of a way you can have that conversation in a compassionate and gentle manner.

A new moon in Gemini is also a great time to change your mindset, inviting clarity into your life and making space for fresh, innovative thoughts that will expand your experience during the lunar cycle ahead.

Acknowledge your current mindset and reflect on it, understand your triggers, limitations, fears, and patterns so you can make the changes necessary to move forward.

By doing this, you will open yourself up to new possibilities and let go of stagnation.


The New Moon In Cancer

New Moon In Cancer

Represented by the crab, who carries their home on their back, a Cancer new moon takes on a whole other meaning for us, which is why it’s necessary to acknowledge your triggers during this time.

The pressure of your responsibilities may appear too hot to handle at the moment, so it’s crucial to work through those issues to create healthier boundaries for a better balance in your life.  A Cancer moon is all about recognising what we need to feel so we can better understand the areas in our lives that have fallen out of alignment.

A new moon in Cancer may have us caught up in our emotions and overthinking a little more than necessary, but it’s important to observe where your mind strays when this happens. Cancer is an intuitive sign, ruled by the moon, and these wanderings could be intuitive messages being sent your way to guide you. Reflect on everything that comes your way.

However, as an emotional sign with an emphasis on family dynamics, a new moon in Cancer holds the threat of backlash by causing emotional outbursts between loved ones. If this happens, remember that emotion and love are a leading cause of disagreements. Be compassionate in your approach to such challenges. Lean into love and give into triggers.

The New Moon In Leo

New Moon In Leo

Leo is a bold sign, ruled by the powerful lion, and is famous for being fearless in achievement. This is the energy we are being asked to channel right now. This is a time to move away from fear and step into love.

Our fears are nothing more than illusions created by the ego to protect us from getting hurt. But, our fears also hold us back, leaving us stagnant and anxious about change.  Leo energy invites us to step up to our anxieties, stare them in the face, and then move past them. To be bold and brave and to take what we want without a second thought. A Leo new moon asks us to acknowledge our fears and reflect on them. What is holding you back, and why? With a better idea of why this fear is leading you, you’ll have a better chance of conquering it.

Intention setting during a Leo new moon should focus on your fears when relating to self-expression. What is stopping you from stepping into your spotlight? Coming out into the world as your authentic self is a terrifying thought. It brings a sense of vulnerability and exposure because it leaves us open to criticism and rejection. But by not projecting our authentic selves into the world, we stop ourselves from living our best lives. We have to move past the fear of rejection and step into our true selves.

However, with all this passionate and bold energy in the air, be careful of getting too carried away with your self-expression. Leo energy can be dramatic and self-centred, and those qualities will not serve you well during this phase. Remember to dial it back a few notches when you feel yourself going over the top. Take a few breaths and ground yourself.


The New Moon In Virgo

New Moon In Virgo

Ruled by the earth maiden, often referred to as the virgin, the Virgo sign represents purity in all things. A Virgo new moon asks us to restore clarity within our emotional selves so we can move forward with ease and certainty.

The ability to access our intuition is essential on any journey. It is our guiding light, illuminating the path to our highest good. Without a sense of clarity, we cannot access this intuition correctly. We must rise above the noise in our minds, tuning it out so that only one voice comes through. That inner voice abundant in divine wisdom. To rise above this noise, we must change our mindsets.  Changing the mindset is difficult, but it comes with time and habit. Habit is the essence of Virgo energy.

A Virgo new moon encourages us to form new habits and routines that will not only aid us in achieving our goals but will also change our mindset for the better.

Reflect on your current routines and habits and acknowledge what is and isn’t working for you.

What habits can you set now that will help you in the long run?

However, with this need for refinement and order, a Virgo moon can get a little too invested in perfection, and it can seem as if nothing you do is good enough. You must not let this mindset get the better of you.

Perfection is nothing more than an illusion, and as long as you’re doing the best you can, don’t worry about it! When you feel as if Virgo energy is getting on top of you, take time out and indulge in self-care. As an earth sign, it’s crucial to spend time in nature, recharging your energy and reminding yourself in the beauty of simplicity.


The New Moon In Libra

New Moon In Libra

Represented by the scales of justice, Libra energy aims to create harmony and love amongst all, encouraging us to compromise and build bridges in our relationships with others. This new moon will ask us to reflect on relationships that have fallen out of alignment with our journey and why and then fix it if we can. If not, let it go.

The key to any form of relationship is compromise.

Without compromise, relationships will become off balance with the scale always tipping to one end rather than staying level where it belongs. In any connection, the act of giving and receiving should be equal. Reflect on relationships where this may be the case and ask yourself how you can resolve the imbalance. It may not be easy, but both new moon and Libra energy are there to help you along the way.

A new moon in Libra asks us to set intentions based on creating balance within our relationships. To step into the other person’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Be fair in your judgement and attempt to appreciate where the other person is coming from.

However, with Libra being a sign of peace and harmony, be careful that you are not giving in too much to other people’s demands for the sake of keeping the peace. Libra is an air sign, concerned with authenticity, so make sure you don’t dim your light so that others can shine brighter.  There are ways of keeping the peace while also staying true to yourself and your values.


The New Moon In Scorpio

New Moon In Scorpio

As a mysterious sign, any Scorpio moon promises a period of transformation, asking you to delve deep within your emotional self, reflecting on how your shadow aspects guide you and understand what you must do to work with those aspects to create a change within yourself.

A Scorpio new moon increases our ability to perceive different energies, allowing us to see the truth behind the illusion.

Pay close attention to how you feel around certain people because the demand to protect your energy will be higher, as we seek purity, passion and authenticity in our connections.

A Scorpio new moon is all about delving deeper into everything. You may find your curiosity peaked as you are no longer satisfied with vague and shallow answers. You may experience a need to explore new depths within life and death, as you strive to learn the secrets of the Universe. Make it your intention to learn more about what interests you. Dedicate yourself to digging deep and understanding what hides beneath the surface.

However, as the scorpion of the zodiac, Scorpio energy is infamous for having a sting in its tail. With emotions running wild and energy overload taking place, be aware of triggers and how you react to them. Don’t act out of emotion. Take a deep breath and count to ten before taking any other action.

The New Moon In Sagittarius

New Moon In Sagittarius

As the zodiac of freedom, any Sagittarius moon will bring an air of adventure along for the ride. You may become bored as your soul longs to become free to explore new territory and see new sights.

Sagittarius energy is always searching for more because it knows that it has the world at its fingertips and likes to use that knowledge as much as possible.

Wisdom comes with experience, and experience comes when we allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and open our hearts to new possibilities. When we let go of our fears, we answer our callings. To free our soul and follow its path, we must first be open to wherever it may lead us. There is no place for limitations during a Sagittarius transit. Limits keep us stuck, and that is not the Sagittarius way. A Sagittarius new moon rescues us from stagnation and into a new world without fear, hesitation, or barriers. Just adventure, knowledge, and freedom.

A Sagittarius new moon is also an excellent time to explore the things we are passionate about. As the archer of the zodiac, Sagittarius urges us to shoot for the stars without fear. What is your dream? What are you doing to work towards it?

However, as a free-spirited sign, Sagittarius energy can be a little scattered. You may feel inspired to do all the things, wanting to explore all possibilities without a second thought. Sagittarius energy tends to burn the candle on both ends. When setting intentions during this phase, make sure you’re being honest with yourself about how much you can do. Priorities tasks and break them down so they will be easier to manage.


The New Moon In Capricorn

New Moon In Capricorn

Represented by the mountain goat, Capricorn energy is grounded and realistic, and with feet planted on solid ground, it will encourage us to set realistic intentions that fit in with our life purpose.

To dream up our goals and the life we want to create for ourselves is a positive practice, as is holding that vision. However, if that’s all we’re doing, we’re not letting ourselves achieve it. Spending a lot of time thinking about what you want and too little time taking action will get you nowhere. There must be a balance. Capricorn energy will encourage us to get our heads out of the clouds and into the real world where we can make a difference. 

A Capricorn new moon is perfect for re-evaluating your long-term goals and setting realistic intentions that will help you work towards them in the best way for you. You may feel the urge to take responsibility for your life as Capricorn prompts you to reclaim your power and step into authority, bringing you one step closer to growth and manifestation. Take the wheel and gain control over your life and the path it is leading you down. Stay strong and keep climbing!However, as an ambitious sign, Capricorn energy has a tendency to get a little too carried away with responsibilities and goal-chasing, with all work and no play making a good motto for Capricorn.

When intention setting, make sure you’re not packing too much on your plate. It’s fine to go after your dreams, but don’t burn out in the process.


The New Moon In Aquarius

New Moon In Aquarius

As an air sign, Aquarius energy is free-flowing, and when this sign appears in our sky, it’s a sign to keep going. To keep our focus on our goals and to keep putting all our energy into achieving them.

Don’t bend to distractions and let nothing impede reaching your purpose. This is your time to do what makes you shine, investing your time into the things that light you up. Focusing on yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary. Too often we go through life feeling unfulfilled because they put too much emphasis on other people’s needs rather than their own. Aquarius energy strives to break us away from that cycle!

An Aquarius new moon is a perfect time for setting goals and intentions that revolve around you, and just you. Your needs, your goals, and your desires should all be the front focus in your mind during this time as you create a clear path on how you will achieve them. Stand up for what you want. This is your time to shine your own light.

However, Aquarius energy has a tendency to become uncompromising in its approach to other people’s emotions.

Life is a game of balance, and although an Aquarius moon is about what you need, you must be mindful of other people’s feelings. You can focus on yourself while still keeping a compassionate and caring approach to life. Find the balance!


The New Moon In Pisces

New Moon In Pisces

As an imaginative water sign, Pisces energy is intuitive, focused on Universal flow and spiritual enlightenment, so during a Pisces New Moon, you may delve deeper into the subconscious mind trying to make sense of the signs, synchronicities, and the intuitive messages you have been receiving of late.

We all have access to our intuition. It is our birthright.  But tuning in and listening to your internal guiding light is easier said than done most of the time. Pisces energy strives to help us acknowledge and connect with it, rising above all other noise and honing in on internal knowledge instead. It also teaches us to have faith when our intuition is guiding us. To not allow our fear stop us from answering that intuitive call, and instead, putting all trust in ourselves and the pull of the Universe as we take a step closer to transformation.

A Pisces New Moon is the perfect opportunity to focus on internal and spiritual goals, setting intentions that will allow the level of growth and transformation that you wish to see in yourself.

Concentrate on deep and personal inner work, as you focus on internal changes that will help you align with the Universe and reach a more awakened state in your life.

Meditation and dream interpretation are big themes during a Pisces New Moon as you strive to understand the intuitive energy that you are absorbing, so pay attention to the things that come through for you during this time.

Because of the deep emotional themes of this water sign, Pisces energy can often make us feel as if we’re drowning in its depths with no life-raft in sight. Make sure you allow yourself to slow down and tune in, to avoid straining yourself and tumbling into emotional overload.

New Moon & The Zodiac