Self-Care Tips For The Festive Holidays


Christmas is finally upon us! And as we all know, amongst the joy and the laughter, Christmas can bring with it a whole lot of stress. Rushing around buying gifts, then having to wrap those gifts, not to mention all the events on the lead up to Christmas! When your December diary is fully booked, it can make it so hard to remember to look after yourself during this crazy time of year. Self care simply gets lost in the commotion.

On top of the rush of Christmas, the days are much colder and shorter and the nights are darker. Did you know that depression is more common this time of year? This is due to a lack of natural sunlight and, lets be honest, the cold won't do much for your mood either. Long story short, we really do need to look after ourselves during this dark winter period.

So, forget about Christmas for a second, forget about the million and one things that you need to do. Forget about wrapping paper and cards. Think about yourself and what you really need right now. Self-care and love is the best Christmas gift you can give yourself this year. Below is a list of feel good things you can do over the holidays to look after yourself, both physically and mentally.


1. Get Some Hot Drinks Down You

There is absolutely nothing better this time of year than to have a warm cup of something in your hands. It's guaranteed to instantly make you feel better! When you're feeling overwhelmed or need a break, stop everything that you're doing, pour yourself something warm (whether it's tea, coffee, a hot chocolate or any seasonal drink), and simply enjoy it. The rest can wait until your cup is empty.


2. Stay Hydrated

While we're on the topic of drinks, don't forget to drink plenty of water! We're all guilty sometimes of not drinking enough, but this time of year it really is vital. Not only will you stand a better chance against illness (who wants the flu around Christmas time? Not me), but also when you take extreme measures against the cold, like blasting your central heating or bundling yourself under hundreds of layers, you're body will become dehydrated. Plus, it is party season and if you're expecting to have a few too many glasses of wine (we all do it), we all know what that will do to our bodies. Grab that bottle of water and don't think twice.


3. Get Out Of The House

Staying in and hibernating may sound like the perfect idea when it's freezing out but really it's not. You won't do much for your sanity by staying cooped up inside all day. So instead, get on your warmest coat, grab your scarf and gloves and get out into the world. Go for a brisk walk and breathe in the fresh, crisp air of Winter. It may sound like your idea of hell but once you're outside, you'll be glad you did.


4. Get Some Candles Going

My favourite thing about winter is closing all the curtains and lighting up some festive candles. It's such a feel-good thing for me. If you've read The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiiking (if you haven't you should!), you'll know that lighting candles is a key element to practicing hygge. It's as if the glow of the flame emits a certain feel-good energy. You're bound to feel much better!



5. Curl Up With Your Favourite Book

I always find that reading completely calms your mind. You get completely sucked in to this whole other world and you almost lose yourself there. I think there's something magical in that. When you need to escape, make your favourite hot drink, get warm and comfy, turn off your phone and lose yourself in your favourite, or brand new, book.


6. Watch Your Favourite Christmas Films

You cannot watch a Christmas film and feel depressed, it's impossible. Festive films are the epitome of feel-good, they're just so happy, plus, they may just get you into the Christmas spirit! Draw your curtains and throw on your festive favourite. My choices would include Elf, The Grinch, Love Actually and Home Alone.


7. Bake Off

What is Christmas without sweet treats and dessert? From gingerbread men to brownies to Christmas pudding, 'tis the season for desserts. Try your hand at making a festive favourite or create your own, as you may have heard, Christmas is the perfect time for baking. Take a look on Pinterest for millions of recipes and ideas on your new creation!


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What is your go-to holiday self-care? Let us know in the comments below!