My Trip To Henrhyd Falls in South Wales

Wales is such a beautiful country and most of the people living here (me included) take it for granted sometimes. Wales is a country of enchanting nature and fascinating history and there is so much to discover here.

I found out about Henrhyd Falls when I was younger because my family used to visit the restaurant opposite the turning to the Falls. There was a huge sign pointing towards it reading 'Waterfall' and I was fascinated from that point on. I later found out that Henrhyd Falls was where they filmed a part of the Batman film 'Dark Knight Rises', (even more fascinating) I needed to visit!


We had beautiful weather a couple of weeks back so my boyfriend and I decided to check it out. The drive to Henrhyd Falls is a bit of a hair raiser; narrow country lanes, sharp corners and cars coming a bit too fast the other way (almost had a heart attack) but that pretty much sums up most Welsh roads.  

When we got to the car park, we had to walk down a very steep path. Now I am not the most balanced of people and no amount of yoga will ever change me. I am constantly falling over and hurting myself, so this steep path almost made me turn around but I took it slow and everyone walking behind me, including my boyfriend, hated me and had to overtake (sorry not sorry) but I survived! 

We had to cross a small footbridge, climb a few wooden steps and walk a short slippery path after the descent but when we got to Henrhyd Falls it was worth it! It was so beautiful and enchanting and I could have stared at it all day. The sound of rushing water was like music to my ears!


We decided to take the path to the little cave behind the waterfall so we could stand right behind it, because you might as well right? It was a slightly dangerous path but as long as you're careful, there shouldn't be much of an issue. Within 5 minutes we were directly behind Henrhyd Falls with the refreshing spray of water raining down on us. After about half an hour in this cave, just watching th water rush down only inches from us we went back over the slippery path to the little rocky beach in front of it. 

We stayed for at least 2 hours, just sitting on the rocks in awe of the magic in front of us before heading back. I won't talk too much about that though, let's just say we had to climb back up that very steep hill to the car park (exhausting!)

If any of you angels reading this are ever in the South Wales and Brecon area, I totally recommend a visit to Henrhyd Falls! I promise you that it will not disappoint. 

Also, if you're just as in awe of the beauty of Henrhyd Falls as I am and would like a painting of it to hang in your own home, you can purchase a 'Maiden of Henrhyd' print in my shop!