An Effective Routine For A Productive Morning


Let me just start by telling you that I am not a morning person. I need at least three coffees first thing before I even start to resemble a human being. I go to bed every night with the intention of getting up super early the next morning and getting sh*t done but... as soon as the time comes for my alarm clock to go off, it’s the last thing I want to do. I’ll admit that I am a bit lazy, especially when it comes to leaving my bed, but who isn’t? 

But after making the decision to leave my job - which I hated - and start working for myself, I found that I had a little more motivation to get up in the mornings. This, however, was knocked back by the simple fact that I didn’t have a routine anymore. As productive as I wanted to be, I started picking up bad habits that stopped me - multi-tasking, getting distracted, taking one too many coffee breaks and just being a down-right slob. I knew this had to change!

So what do you do when you have no routine? You make one! And that’s what I did. I sat down, made a routine and promised myself that I would stick to it. Now my mornings are so much more bearable and I get so much more done. It’s a win-win!  

Here is my routine for a productive morning - especially if you’re your own boss! P.s. I wish I could do a video for you... but I don’t have the equipment or skill set to make one!

The Night Before

The trick to a productive morning is being organised the night before! You don’t need to be crazy with it but it’s good to have an idea of what needs to be done. Every evening I set aside a few minutes to:

  • Go through my journals and calendar to see what needs to be done the next day and then plan everything out in my desk planner. If you don’t have one, it’s really worth the extra few pennies. My productivity has sky-rocketed since owning one. I got mine here.
  • If it’s blog post day, I write down some notes of what I want to talk about and do any necessary research. 
  • Prepare my workspace so that everything is ready for me the next morning. 
  • Plan and lay out my outfit to save me some time - honestly, it takes me forever to choose outfits.

Morning Routine

1. Get Out Of Bed

I know! Getting out of bed is the hardest part of all of this, but it has got to be done! I set my alarm for 8am every morning. This is a decent time for me; I can get everything I need to do sorted without having to get up at the crack of dawn. My biggest challenge when my alarm goes off is not hitting that sneaky snooze button - I swear it hits itself - and just getting straight out of bed. The trick to this is to not think about it, just do it. Jump out and make your bed straight away so that it can't tempt you back in!


2. Skincare

The next thing I will do is sort out my skin. My go-to skincare is the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Collection - I'm prone to bad skin and it's the only thing that works for me, plus it's completely animal friendly! Then I'll chuck on some moisturiser, sort out my scarecrow hair and head straight downstairs for my first morning coffee.


3. Coffee, Journals & Tarot

While having my morning coffee, I leave my phone upstairs - if we're going to have a productive morning, we can't spend hours scrolling through Instagram, can we? - and instead like to go through my journals and desk planner and double check what's on my agenda for that day. I use this time to prioritise tasks and make note of steps that need to be done to complete them. Once this is done, it's time for my daily tarot card. I recently did a post about the importance of drawing a card a day, take a look here for more information. Then I use the rest of my time to meditate on that card.


4. Yoga & Meditation

This is my favourite time of the morning, there's nothing better than some me time. This usually take up about an hour to an hour and a half, but for me this is time that I'm willing to give up because it helps me so much through the day. The first thing I like to do is yoga and I use the app Yoga Studio to do it. I'm not going to pretend that I'm amazing at it - I'm not flexible and I'm definitely not well-balanced - but I enjoy it anyway. Then I do my meditation using the app Headspace - again if you're looking for an app to help you out Headspace is a great place to start. Before I move on from my meditation, I like to use the remaining time to do some visualisation and affirmation. Close your eyes and visualise what you want in life and where you want to be, then use affirmation to put it out there. Currently, I'm using the affirmations given in the book Raise Your Vibrations by Kyle Gray.


5. Get Dressed

I would love to be able to sit in my pyjamas all day but I know that I won't get things done this way. However, if I know I'm not leaving the house that day I'll just throw on my gym kit - they're comfy and they get you into a productive mindset - skip the makeup and just throw my hair up. Of course, if I am planning on going somewhere I will actually make an effort to jump in the shower and look decent. 

6. Breakfast, Coffee & Emails

Now that I've been slightly productive and am ready to tackle my tasks, it's time for some energy. I'll be honest, I'm not a regular breakfast eater - I'd rather throw a coffee down me and call it a day - but, it is important and I find that I work better if I've eaten something. I try and eat something healthy for my breakfast but I won't lie to you, it doesn't often happen - unless peanut butter on toast is healthy! Then, I'll have another coffee and give into the temptation of using my phone. This is strictly a time for checking emails, social media messages and important stuff - no, Candy Crush is not important stuff. Once I'm done with my coffee, the phone goes off and the work begins!


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What’s your morning routine? Did you find this helpful? Comment below and let me know!