10 Things To Do Before Bed

Evening Routine

I’ve never been one for routine of any kind. I’d get up with the fifth snooze of my alarm and then rush around the place like a headless chicken trying to get ready for work. I’d then come home from work and lounge in front of the TV until I could eventually find the motivation to get bed. I had no structure. No balance. No organisation in my life. 

Almost a year ago, I left the everyday grind of office life to start up my own business and learned very quickly that I needed a routine to get by. I won’t lie, it took a long time to get used to the thought of a routine, but now I’m amazed at how I got through life without one.

My morning routine gives me something to look forward to when I get out of bed first thing. My work routine allows me to be extra productive and get sh*t done. And my evening routine allows me to do the things I love, get organised and relax!  

Having an evening routine gives you an opportunity to unwind after a long and stressful day and give yourself the self-love that you need. It allows you to finish off small tasks, prepare yourself for the next day and simply get organised.  

Having a routine in the evening is important, even if it’s a small one. So here is my routine broken down into 10 self-care and productive practices.

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1. Check emails  

Before forgetting about work and starting to unwind for the night, go through your emails and messages. This gives you the opportunity to reply to any queries and delete what you don’t need anymore. Start with a fresh inbox for the next day!

The best time to check your emails is before you do your next day prep. Think about it. If you get an email or notification that something needs working on or that you have an invoice to pay, it makes it easier to slot things into an empty to-do list, rather than moving everything around. 


2. Next Day Prep

Journals & Diaries

Next, it’s time to start planning your agenda for the next day. Go through your diaries to see what’s going on tomorrow and to find out what needs to be done. Set up your to-do list of tasks to complete and set yourself an intention for the day.

I have like five diaries for this step (no joke). It’s literally the only way I can get organised. My journals and diaries are my ride or die! If you're looking for journal ideas, Paperchase is my go-to for journals and diaries of all kind. If I could afford to buy the whole store I would!


3. Evening Reflection

Intuitive Tarot Diary

Now that work is complete for the day, it’s time to reflect on the day you’ve just left behind. I use the evening reflection section in the Intuitive Tarot Diary to do this.  

Reflect on your achievements of the day - whether they were big or small - this will give you something to work towards for the next day. Record things that happened during the day and write about how your day went in general. You should also jot down the emotions that you experienced during that day, I find this helps to understand what triggers and motivates you. Then, finish off by writing down what you’ve achieved throughout the day and the lessons that you’ve learned.  


4. Pamper Time

Body Shop Tea Tree Range

Pamper time is the perfect self care addition to your evening routine. Making time to take care of yourself is the ultimate self-care practice. Here are my pamper time tips -

Start your pamper time of with a nourishing skincare routine - give your skin some lovin’. I’m currently obsessed with The Body Shop Tea Tree Range. If you suffer with oily skin that is very prone to breakouts, this product is a godsend *be sure you don’t have a tea tree allergy first. I start off with the Tea Tree Cleansing Face Wash using my Magnitone Facial Cleansing Brush, then the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner and to finish, I smother my face with the Tea Tree Night Lotion.

Second on the pamper list is a relaxing, cleansing bath to soak the stresses of your day away. Fill your tub with warm water and add Pink Himalayan Salt and lavender essential oil. Place candles and rose quartz crystals around the bath tub and dim the lights. Let the bath water cleanse your body and soul. 

To finish, chuck on a pair of your favourite nightwear or lounge-wear and get ready to chill out for the rest of the night.


5. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Surrounding yourself with your loved ones after a busy day is a must. There is nothing quite like sitting down and having a chat with the people who understand you the most, especially after a long, stressful day. Works every time!



6. Yoga

I hear a lot of people saying that you shouldn’t exercise before bedtime, and although this is good advice, yoga isn’t like any other kind of exercise. I find that a light yoga workout an hour or two before bed really helps to get a better night sleep. I’m not talking about an hour long strenuous workout. Literally, 15 minutes of light stretching and relaxation poses can make such a difference. 


7. Meditation

This is another great practice that really makes a difference between a decent night sleep and a great night sleep. Focusing on your breathing technique in the evenings will instantly calm your mind, relax your body and help prepare yourself for a good night sleep. Simply dedicate 3-5 minutes out of your evening to give your brain a rest. 


8. Set alarm

The dreaded alarm! It’s a killjoy but a godsend at the exact same time, amiright?! Unfortunately, for a majority of us, the alarm is a necessary object in our lives and setting it is of great importance. Although I work for myself from home, I like to have structure so I always make sure to get up at 7.30 every morning, just to make the most of my day.


9. Read A Book

As a major bookworm, this is my favourite part of my day, let alone my evening! After a quick tidy up of the house and placing my phone as far away from me as possible so that I can’t check on it before I go to bed (we’ve all been caught down the Instagram rabbit hole, I’m sure - plus, it’s good to get some screen-free time before you sleep), I make myself a cup of chamomile tea, light a candle and read a book in bed. I’m currently reading The Chalk Man by C J Tudor and I am literally at the end of my bed the whole way through. 


10. Sleep

Bedroom Decor

And, obviously, the most important part is getting to sleep at a decent time. I can only function properly if I’ve had at least 8 hours sleep every night. If I don’t, I’m like an angry zombie throughout the day. I used to make excuses for not going to bed earlier and not getting my much needed 8 hours, but now I’ve kicked that  habit. Remember, it’s very important to get your beauty sleep!

I hope this post helped you in some way! How do you unwind in the evenings? What are your favourite parts of your evening routine? Please let me know in the comments below!

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