12 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Frequency

The energy of 2018 so far can only be described as crazy. Between the super blue blood moon eclipse at the end of January, two blue moons in the space of two months (January and March), plus, is it just me or is there always something in bloody retrograde?! The intense energy is coming thick and fast, and for us sensitive souls, it’s difficult to avoid. And this is why, it’s important to focus on your vibration.

Between the insane energies being sent down from the cosmos and the tossing and turning of everyday life, our energies and our frequencies to the Universe can take a real hit and, without even realising it, can really affect our lives!

When you‘re drained of energy, you will automatically enter a state of low vibration, which will then cause you to become mentally, physically and spiritually blocked. When this happens, manifestation of any kind is pretty much impossible. 

One of my most frequently asked questions is ‘How do I go about raising my vibration?’. It’s become such a popular practice now and nothing makes me happier than knowing that more and more people are ready to take this step towards a better life.  

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What Does Raise Your Vibration Mean? 

Everything is made up of energy, even you and I. And, all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. When your energy is vibrating at a low frequency, it becomes blocked, imbalanced and heavy. Whereas, when your energy is vibrating at a high frequency, it opens up and becomes balanced and lighter. When your vibration has been raised, you send positive frequencies to the Universe and begin to manifest and attract the things you want and need in life. 


How Do I Raise My Vibration? 

Now, there are many ways to raise your vibration, but the list below contains both popular practices and my own personal favourites.  


1. Crystals

When it comes to raising your vibration, crystals would have to be at the top of any list. Crystals are well known for carrying high vibrational energy with them. With thousands of crystals to choose from, each with their own specific property and targets, you can’t really go wrong!

And, the best thing about working with crystals is that they’re not hard to use at all. Just holding in them in your hand for a few minutes will instantly make a difference. To feel the effects of crystal energy, wear them as jewellery, keep them in your pocket or place some around your home, car and workplace.

Take a look at my post, 5 Powerful Crystals That Are A Must-Have For Everyone for more information.


2. Meditation

Meditation is another obvious choice, but has an unbelievable effect on our energy and it’s frequency. Those who meditate frequently are more likely to attract positive things in their lives. 

Meditation is a relaxing practice that increases your awareness, aids in relaxation and centres your body and energy. It is well known for reducing stress and negativity, which is a great start for emitting a higher frequency. Stress and negativity lower your vibration right down. 

Take a look at my Guide To Meditation for more information on how to meditate. 


3. Yoga

As you may already know, practising yoga is incredibly beneficial to mind, body and soul, which makes it great for raising your frequency to the Universe. Exercise of all kinds raises your feel-good factor but yoga also improved the way your energy flows through your body, making it the exercise of choice for those who are trying to connect on another level.

Take a look at my chakra series for a list of yoga poses that can help you align each chakra for better flow and high vibrations. 


4. Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a natural healing practice recognised worldwide. It can heal physically, mentally and spiritually. The power of essential oils has become more widely recognised over the past few years, especially for their high vibration properties. 

There is such a wide range of essential oils out there, all of which carry different properties and vibrations. Take a look at our essential oil range for more information.   


5. Nature

Basking in the glory of nature is such an amazing experience, and it’s also good for your energy flow and vibration. Taking the time to appreciate and spend time in the nature around you does wonders for your health, whether you’re sitting in your garden, walking by the river or sitting on the beach. 

During the summer, you will find me walking around my garden barefoot. This is an amazing grounding exercise, especially for opening up you root chakra. 


6. Music

Nothing lifts your spirits and your vibration more than your favourite music. Have you ever listened to your favourite song and felt your mood change and your energy lift? When that happens your vibration rises too. 

So, turn up the music, sing your heart out and dance like a fool. All in the name of high vibrations! 



7. Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful thing, and incredibly underrated. By stating what you want in present tense and as if it’s already happened, you’re automatically attracting it to you - law of attraction. Whether saying it out loud, writing it down or simply thinking about it, affirmations will raise your vibration and manifest it into your life.

My go to affirmation resource is Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray. With 111 daily practices and affirmations that specifically target your chakras and your vibration, this book is a godsend. 

For more information on affirmations, take a look at my post, Affirmations That Can Change Your Life. 


8. Visualisation 

Visualising is just as powerful as affirmation when done properly. By visualising what you truly desire as if it’s already happening, feeling out the experience and imagining what life could be like if it did happen, you’re sending out positive energy to the Universe, raising your vibration and already beginning to manifest it into your life.


9. Candles

You may not realise it, but candles are great tools for raising your vibration. Ever heard of Hygge? Candles promote warmth, relaxation and cosiness and are thought to be effective for wellness and happiness. 

The warm glow of the flame is inviting and instantly satisfying and gives off very high vibes.


10. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are life right now! Not only are they fascinating, beautiful home staples, but they’re so beneficial to our health and well-being! 

They help to attract and neutralise any pollens in the air that could affect our health, plus they generate negative ions that leave us feeling refreshed, energised and ready to give out high-vibrations.


11. Clearing Your Space 

Does the thought of spring cleaning your house give you a headache? But, how do you feel once it’s done? The thought of clearing up my space almost sends me into a meltdown, but once I’m finished, I feel so much lighter and much more refreshed.

And that’s exactly what it does to your energy levels and vibration too. Grab a rubbish bag and throw away the things that no longer serve you. Lighten and raise the vibration in your living space.  


12. Reiki

Reiki is possibly the most popular form of energy healing right now. ‘Rei’ is the divine Universe and ‘Ki’ is the energy that flows through all living things. Together, they channel Universal Energy. Think of it as an energy spring clean, mostly targeted towards the chakras.

Reiki allows us to release that which no longer serves us and, in turn, allows our chakras and the energy they emit to heal. This is vital for aligning with our Higher Self and raising our vibration.

Raise Your Vibration Resources

Raise Your Vibration

I hope this post helped you in some way! What things do you do to ensure that your vibration stays high and shining? Please let me know in the comments below!

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