10 Ways To Look After Your Mind, Body & Soul

Mind Body & Soul

Our mind, body and soul is our entire being. It’s what makes us... well, us. All three are affected by each other. Looking after ourselves mind, body and soul can do so much for our overall well being. Our physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Modern day life is crazy. There is always so much going on in our everyday lives - stress, anxiety, endless tasks, pressure to be something we’re not. It can be bloody exhausting, not to mention it can really affect our health. Self care is important, but with all of these different things going on, it can be difficult to look after ourselves in the way we need. Mind, body and soul. 

Nourishing these three things are so important for our well being but they often go overlooked. Imagine what life could be like if your mind, body and soul were well-fed. Your connection to your Higher Self will be high, your energy will flourish and your frequency to the Universe will be raised.

Ready to get started? Here are 10 self-care practices to feed your mind, body and soul.


1.  Practice Reiki

Reiki is a great way to heal your mind, body and soul altogether. It is a form of energy healing which deals with all sorts of blocks in your body. ‘Rei’ is the divine Universe and ‘Ki’ is the energy that flows through all living things. Together, they channel Universal Energy. 

Think of Reiki as an energy spring clean, mostly targeted towards the chakras. The Reiki practitioner will move through each chakra - starting from the root and working up to the crown - feeling out any imbalance and clearing away any blockages.

Reiki allows us to release that which no longer serves us and, in turn, allows our chakras and the energy they emit to heal. This is vital for aligning with our Higher Self and raising our vibration.


2. Practice Yoga

Just like Reiki, practising yoga is incredibly beneficial to mind, body and soul all together. Exercise of all kinds raises your feel-good factor, but yoga also has the ability to improve the way energy flows through your body, making it the exercise of choice for those who are trying to connect on another level.

Take a look at my chakra series for a list of yoga poses that can help you align each chakra for better flow and high vibrations.


3. Relax With Meditation

Meditation is great for mental clarity and focus, and also has an unbelievable effect on our energy and frequency. Those who meditate frequently are more likely to attract positive things in their lives.

Meditation is a relaxing practice that increases your awareness, aids in relaxation and centres your body and energy. It is well known for reducing stress and negativity, which is a great start for emitting a higher frequency. Stress and negativity lower your vibration right down.

Simply take 5-10 minutes out of your day to declutter and calm your mind. Focus on your breathing and allow all thoughts to skip away. The best thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere! Take a look at my Guide To Meditation for tips.


4. Heal With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a natural healing practice recognised worldwide. It can heal physically, mentally and spiritually - mind, body and soul. The power of essential oils has become more widely recognised over the past few years, especially for their high vibrational properties.

There is such a wide range of essential oils out there, all of which carry different properties and vibrations. Take a look at our essential oil range for more information.


5. Recharge In Nature

Nature is a wonderful and soul-healing gift. Basking in its glory is such an amazing experience, and it’s also good for your energy flow and vibration. Taking the time to appreciate and spend time in the nature around you does wonders for your health, whether you’re sitting in your garden, walking by the river or sitting on the beach.

During the summer, you will find me walking around my garden barefoot. This is an amazing grounding exercise, especially for opening up you root chakra.



6. Feed Your Mind With Books

Reading is the ultimate way to feed your mind and soul, whether your poison is non-fiction, fiction or both! Have you ever just felt like reading a book was the answer to all your problems? Yeah, me too! There is nothing like drifting off into another world for a few hours, free from the worries and stress of everyday life. 


7. Heal Your Chakras

Your chakras are the energy centres in your body and in order for your energy to flow freely, these chakras must be in working order. Just like everything, they have a tendency to become blocked or overused and this can cause problems mentally, physically and spiritually. 

There are many ways to heal your chakras, many of which are on this list - reiki, yoga, aromatherapy etc. Take a look at our chakra series for more information. 


8. Start A Journal

Journaling is something that has become very popular recently, mostly for its effects on our mind. Keeping a journal will allow you to vent your emotions safely, clearing up space in your mind and focusing your mind on what’s important. With your problems written down on paper, it also gives you an opportunity to make sense of your situation and put together a plan of action to sort it out.

I have about 6 different journals (no joke), all for different things. Take a look at Paperchase for their beautiful collection, or if you’re a tarot enthusiast, check out our Intuitive Tarot Diary.  


9. Be Grateful

This one isn’t always easy, especially when you feel that things aren’t going your way. But being grateful for what you do have, rather than being frustrated by what you don’t have, is a great way to heal your soul. In times of need - or anytime for that matter - look to the positive side of life rather than the negative.

Have faith that everything will work out and your soul will send all sorts of positive vibes to the Universe, opening you up to all sorts of abundance. always be grateful for the riches in your life, no matter how small they may be.


10. Being Mindful 

Mindfulness is all about being there in the present moment. Not in the past. Not in the present. But being present in the here and now. Reliving past experience and worrying about future problems can be quite damaging for our mental health, but realising that what you do right now is what counts can make all the difference.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness, like yoga and meditation. The trick is to start off small and build your practice. Eventually, your present situation will be all that matters to you.  

I hope this post helped you in some way! How do you feed your mind, body and soul? Please let me know in the comments below!

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