Zodiac: Leo, The Fifth House


Leo is the fifth astrological sign, making it the fifth house of the zodiac. The period of Leo’s reign falls between July 23rd and August  22nd, but this date can vary depending on your source. Leo is symbolised by the almighty Lion and falls under the element of fire, making those born under the sign extremely passionate and warm-hearted. It is ruled by The Sun and as the fifth house of the zodiac, it represents our creative streaks.

Those born under Leo are incredibly generous - they are sure to have loads of friends who they are completely loyal to and sometimes a little protective about - and are warm-hearted in nature. Leo signs have a self-confidence like no other and because of this can attract a diversity of people into their life. They are easy to get along with due to their incredible sense of humour and cheerful personality and have the ability to turn even the worst situation around. To state the obvious, everyone needs a Leo in their life! 

Leo’s are represented by the Lion for a reason, they are the King/Queen of the jungle. They are extremely ambitious and will always go after what they truly want. They have fire running through their veins and - like the lion - won’t let anyone stand in the way of their dreams.

Leo signs are known to be very talented, especially when it comes to the arts, and they love being the centre of attention - I mean, who wants to live in the background?! They are known for being expressive with a flair for the dramatic. Leo’s are the epitome of drama queen! There is never a dull moment when your in the company of this fire sign!

On the downside, because of their dramatic and attention seeking ways, they can often put some people off because they are a little to much character for some to handle and can often be taken the wrong way. They may come across as arrogant and high-maintenance to others because of their over-bearing character but when you get to know them you’ll realise that their heart is bigger than most. Also, due to their love of being the centre of attention, they absolutely hate being ignored and can become defensive and stubborn when this happens.


Leo is ruled by the element of fire and this is very obvious in their character. They have a burning desire in them like no other sign and this burning desire is what gets a Leo going! They are strong and fearless in nature and when they get going, they will become too hot too handle.

As the fifth house in astrology, Leo represents all things creative and fun and is all about self-expression and attention through creativity. This house is an exuberant house full of colour, passion and eccentricity. It also represents all things love and romance and embodies reproduction and children

As we are all aware some signs are more compatible together than others. Every sign represents a different type of personality, and sometimes those personalities clash. Leo's are more compatible with other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius and, of course, other Leo's. They are least compatible with water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

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Leo Art
Leo I Will

hope this post helped you to understand the Leo sign a little better!

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