Zodiac: Gemini, The Third House


Gemini is the third astrological sign, making it the third house of the zodiac. The period of Gemini’s reign falls between May 21th and June 20th, but this date can vary depending on your source. Gemini is symbolised by the intuitive twins and falls under the element of air, making those born under the sign extremely creative and communicative. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and as the third house of the zodiac, it represents the environment.

Those born under Gemini are a sucker for good conversation - they’re extremely social and love to talk. There’s nothing worse for a Gemini than awkward silence, they always have to fill it. They are often gentle, affectionate and curious people with a thirst for knowledge and life experience - there is nothing that they won’t try. Gemini signs are known to be expressive and incredibly witty - they always have an answer for everything!

Gemini is represented by twins for a reason - sometimes it can seem as if there are two personalities in one body with this sign. They can jump from one idea to a completely different idea in the matter of a second. They have very excitable personalities and are often considered to be the life of the party. Geminis also tend to be able to see two sides to the same story, which often makes them very good at judging certain situations. However, this can also make them come across as a little two-faced. 

On the downside, because of their excitable nature, they can often ramble when they’re nervous causing them to come across as inconsistent and untrustworthy in the things that they say. Geminis can also be indecisive and struggle to make important choices and sometimes they can rely on others too much to help them when the going gets tough. 



Gemini is ruled by the element of air and, because of this, are often considered to be quite flighty in nature - they don’t like to be stuck in one place for very long. Those born under the Gemini sign were designed for jet setting and living the high life - surrounded by loads of people and having all the fun!

As the third house in astrology,  Gemini represents the ability to communicate, the way you express yourself and the way you can relate to your environment. This also includes the ability to learn, process information, talk and think for yourself. This house also represents your childhood and, more importantly, your family and friendships.

As we are all aware some signs are more compatible together than others. Every sign represents a different type of personality, and sometimes those personalities clash. Gemini are more compatible with air sign Aquarius and fire signs Aries and Leo. They can also be compatible with fellow air sign Libra and, of course, other Geminis. They are least compatible with water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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