Zodiac: Capricorn, The Tenth Sign


Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign, making it the tenth house of the zodiac. The period of Capricorn’s reign falls between December 22nd and January 19th but this date can vary depending on your source. Capricorn is symbolised by the agile Mountain Goat and falls under the element of earth, making those born under the sign incredibly determined and ready to succeed. It is ruled by the planet Saturn and as the tenth house of the zodiac, it represents our career.

Those born under Capricorn are incredibly devoted to their cause and love taking the lead when it comes to work and goals - if there’s one thing that a Capricorn hates, it’s not having control over their goals and desires. Capricorn signs are very hardworking and ambituous - they’re the ones you want on your side when you need to get things done. They are very family orientated and value honesty over everything. Capricorn is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, but only to those they deem to be true. They don’t like to be lied to and they often hide their true emotions to make others feel better - if there’s one thing a Capricorn knows how to be, it’s to be a rock to others. 

Capricorn’s are represented by the goat for a reason, they are willing to climb any hill of it gets them to their goals. They are focused on that finishing line and they will stop at nothing to get to it. They are detailed in their goal planning and when they have a plan together, they stick to it no matter what. No mountain is too high when a Capricorn has their eye on the prize. 

Capricorn signs love to set goals, and their determination and persistence to finish what they’ve started means that they more often than not will achieve those goals. They are fearless when it comes to getting what they want, no obstacle is too big. 

Capricorn takes responsibility for their actions and are not one to falter at making decisions. They understand that they will have to climb some mountains in order to get what they want and are not afraid to do so. They are fearless when it come to challenges and face them with dignity and determination. They know what they want and they will do anything to get it. With a Capricorn, anything is possible.

On the downside, because of their need for structure and hard working ways, Capricorn can often become materialistic and harsh. This is down to the earth sign in them. They are so focused on the end goal that they often overlook every thing else around them, and this causes them to come across as cold towards the people around them. When things go wrong, they can be a little unforgiving, towards themselves and others. This is because they care so much about what their doing, and don’t like to be sidestepped. They don’t do well with failure of any kind. 



Capricorn is ruled by the element of earth and this is very obvious in their character. They’re incredibly grounded and are always focused on the present moment. They have feet planted firmly on the ground. As the third earth sign - after Taurus and Virgo - they are able to channel both Taurus’ stability and Virgo’s planning ability into a seed ready to plant and grow.

As the tenth house in astrology, Capricorn  represents your career and everything related to it, such as, your reputation at work and your social status. It stands for the way we project ourselves into the world and the way we value our career roles. This house also represents tradition, achievement, rules and discipline.

As we are all aware some signs are more compatible together than others. Every sign represents a different type of personality, and sometimes those personalities clash. Capricorn are more compatible with other earth signs Taurus and Virgo, and water signs Scorpio and Pisces. They are least compatible with fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, and air sign Aquarius.

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Capricorn: I Use
Capricorn Mountain Goat

I hope this post helped you understand the Capricorn sign a little better!

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