Zodiac: Cancer, The Fourth House


Cancer is the fourth astrological sign, making it the fourth house of the zodiac. The period of Cancer’s reign falls between June 21st and July 22nd, but this date can vary depending on your source. Cancer is symbolised by the emotional Crab and falls under the element of water, making those born under the sign extremely emotional and empathetic. It is ruled by the celestial body The Moon and as the fourth house of the zodiac, it represents the home.

Those born under Cancer are incredibly loyal - they devote their time to those that they love the most and have the ability to empathise with them on another level - making them the go-to when there's an issue involving emotion. There’s nothing worse for a Cancer than to see their loved ones in pain and they will make it their priority to make them feel better. They are natural born agony aunts ready to jump in and resolve any issue! They are often compassionate and understanding people who should for certain never be taken for granted. Cancer signs are known to be tenacious - especially involving family - and incredibly persuasive when they want to be - they know how to get what they want and are not above involving emotions to get it.

Cancer is represented by the crab for a reason - they can often come across as having a hard exterior but inside they are soft and loving to the core. It may take some time to earn a Cancer's trust but as soon as you have you're sorted for life! The Cancer sign is deeply intuitive due to it's connection to the moon and this can make it very challenging to get to know them at times. They can often be seen as irrational because they will only see things from an intuitive point of view rather than a logical one.

On the downside, because of their empathetic tendencies and intensified emotions, they can often become incredibly moody and isolate themselves from others, when this happens it's best to leave them alone as they need to come to grips with their emotions. These mood swings will often appear from a lack of patience or understanding. Be careful when this happens as Cancer signs can become manipulative when they begin to lose control of their emotions. Take what they say with a pinch of salt at this time and don't take their mood personally. Instead, give them a little extra love - it's exactly what they need!



Cancer is ruled by the element of water and, because of this, are very in touch with their emotional sides and are guided by their heart. They born to be empaths - kind-hearted in nature with an urge to help others. With a connection to the Moon on top of that, these emotions can often spin out of control, especially during certain lunar phases.

As the fourth house in astrology, Cancer represents house affairs and all domestic conditions related to your life. The fourth house is the foundation of everything and includes feelings of comfort and relaxation and suggests a feeling of homely atmosphere. It also represents family - more accurately, your parents or even your children.

As we are all aware some signs are more compatible together than others. Every sign represents a different type of personality, and sometimes those personalities clash. Cancer are more compatible with other water signs Scorpio and Pisces and, of course, other Cancers. They can also be compatible with earth sign Taurus. They are least compatible with air signs Libra and Aquarius.


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